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Why are there different types of Prague Orchestra and what are their differences?

Asked by yaujj48 (1176points) January 5th, 2023
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In my search of orchestra artists, I noticed there are many different orchestras like The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Prague Philharmonic, Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and more I don’t know. (Which brings another question like how many orchestras in Prague?)

Like why the different orchestras? This make it very confusing and what are the differences between these orchestra?

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That’s like asking why does Prague have more than one cinema, or theatre, or restaurant, or football team.

There’s more than one because the demand is there to hear them play.

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Many orchestras give more musicians a chance to play in front of an audience. It’s a great idea.

And if Prague is like where I live, they might specialize in different types of music, or brass or strings, etc.

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Have you ever been there?
Prague has a rich history of music. Most last cities have multiple outlets of orchestral music.
Prague is well known as a leader in the field of classical music. Every day, there are many musical, opera and ballet performances.
Since the 17th century Prague has become very important in the world´s music scenery. For example; the city was chosen by Mozart to release its famous Opera Masterpiece Don Giovanni at the State Theatre and has been the birthplace of important of composers such as Antonin Dvorak

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I see, sorry it is just that when labeling an artist, it gets very confusing. Especially in Genius where it is not too organized yet.

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@yaujj48 It does seem strange and confusing. Is it possible that their names are not so similar in Czech?

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@janbb Seems that way, their names are little bit different. But I only found 2 examples. Unless I know the full list of Prague Orchestras

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So I can find 5 different orchestras with Prague in their name and 9 orchestras based in Prague total.
The OP has misspelled one of the names which may have added to the confusion. The second orchestra listed should be the Prague Philharmonia.

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