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Do you know why thousands have left

Asked by AhYem (348points) 2 months ago
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Well, I don’t know all their individual reasons, but I have seen at least one reason that makes it easy to me to understand why many of them left. And that one reason is enough for me to leave, too.

That means that for a short period of time I will visit this space only once in a while, just to see if some big chances will occur. And if they don’t – which I expect, judging by the mindset of most of those that I could talk with – I’ll follow those who left you already.

This social website looks pretty good, but most of the users that replied to my questions have “peculiar personalities”, so personally I’m not surprised by the fact that you were abandoned by the majority of your ex-members.

Can anyone tell me if there is a way for me to delete my questions and answers that I have published here so far? Or shall I send a message to the admins and ask them to do that for me? Or can they just react to this text of mine and delete my stuff here in a week or so?

Anyway, thanks for the short fun here. If anyone wants to stay in touch with me, you can find me on Facebook. Just PM me and I’ll send you the link to my profile there.

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The world is full of reasons and rhyme. It is not limited to this website or that city.
Sorry to see you go. BTW, I believe your contributions will live here forever.

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Interesting that after less than two weeks, you presume to understand the motives of “thousands” who are absent.

This site doesn’t suit you, fine, but is there a reason you feel the need to do a bit of bashing?

There is a “contact the mods” button upper right hand corner. You can ask them to delete your contributions, but it is unlikely they will do so. I only remember one case where that happened, and it was because the user convinced the Community Manager that their life was in danger from someone who had the ability and know how to track them online.

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Ha, this website never had that many to begin with.

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I looked at some of your questions and the answers you received. I honestly thought people were respectful and interacting well with you.
I’m not sure what you were expecting, but from what I see, you got some very good answers.

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The vast majority of ex”users” were spammers

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The idea was to start big, with many thousands of members, and then slowly slowly let most of them slip away, to be then with a select group of super nice, sweet, and intelligent people.
Sorry that you didn’t cut it.

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People tried to answer your questions, but you didn’t agree with or like their answers. That doesn’t mean they did anything wrong.

This is not an airport. You do not need to announce your departure.

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Just to add, some people leave bitterly, some people leave voluntarily with no bad feelings, some people leave becaues they’re shown the door becaue of bad behavior, and some people leave and come back under other names. Also, like someone said above, many who come and go are spammers with one intention. The only way to really find out why others have left and to be accurate about it would be to contact each and every one of them, and that’s an impossible task.

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People tried to answer your questions, but you didn’t agree with or like their answers.

Yes! I know I tried, but apparently you know everything there is to know, so naturally, everyone else is wrong unless they agree with you. You seem smart, but you’re definitely not people-smart. Maybe come back and try again when you’ve learned some humility. Not sorry to see you go; you were exhausting.

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I request a moment of silence for those who left due to the ultimate reason.
should we revisit the list?

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(I’m bowing my head.)

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You have a 0% chance of having your questions and answers deleted.

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So is the one reason our ‘peculiar’ personalities? I haven’t been on much with a few deaths in the family but your profile looks just weird enough to interest me a little. Haha!

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I enjoyed reading your questions. Just a heads up, the plane that takes a jelly out of has this announcement waiting for you. “Welcome aboard, Ahyem! Your seat is up front and to the left, and the view is amazing. Don’t worry, we’ve already pre-programmed the flight attendant (previous Jelly who left) to address you by your full name: “Ahhhyeeeeeeeem.” We look forward to you flying with us today! Of course, if you have any problems, just shout, “Fluther to the rescue!”, have a safe flight.”

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I was not aware that any had left. If they did, they probably had a good reason. Or they died.

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I think it’s just low tide.

You could try looking under some rocks…

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Some could not follow the site guidelines. Like having good grammar. That’s how I found Fluther. Some people on AnswerBag were complaining about the grammar rules on Fluther. I Googled Fluther and the an insult that I will not repeat here, and joined.

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Just one week ago you said this: “I’m new to this site, and after reading all the intro that I could find here, I feel amazed by your politeness.”

I don’t know what changed in that week but it wasn’t us.

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Once again, you act like you understand a topic, which you don’t actually understand.

And once again, you don’t really explain what you mean exactly, at least not at first.

Once again, you invite discussion from the whole community, and seem to expect the community to pay attention to your topic. But once again, you seem unwilling or unable to vary from your fixed opinion.

And now, you’re asking to delete all “your” content . . . but when you invite a community to put their time and effort into a topic, your questions become mostly their work, especially when they’re the ones actually thinking more than you did about the topic, offering a variety of views, and usually, more accurate thinking than you brought to the topic.

I hope they don’t delete your questions or your account, because at this point, they have some interesting answers from other people. If mods start deleting questions because someone gets upset people don’t agree with them, that’s going to strongly discourage bothering with certain types of questions.

I think you are partly correct about one thing here: I do think there is in a (small) class of people who show up on Fluther, generate a bunch of negative attention, don’t understand why they themselves are behaving in problematic ways, and then choose to blame the community for the situation.

As for why thousands of people have left Fluther – it’s been many different reasons, mainly because few people in general choose to stick with one thing for many years. I’d say that considering what Fluther is, it’s remarkable that it’s continued to have so much quality participation and long-term members, without any real attempt made to gather new users.

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I am very strange with quite a peculiar personality. You are absolutely correct to try to avoid me. I also fart a lot.

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And you make a satisfied grin after you do it.

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We’ve never had thousands of users.

This is a small question and answer site that has a loyal user base with one or two new people wandering in and out on occasion. That’s all it is.

Relax. Make a cup of tea. Sit and read. Ask a question.

Chill out. Don’t take this place too seriously.

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This is the most passive aggressive goodbye I’ve ever seen.

I can see quite a few people here are saying the same thing I told you some time ago: you don’t ask questions for answers, you ask questions as an opportunity to put down people and announce your intelligence. And not that your answers to your own questions are actually intelligent to begin with.

You told me I’m too young to be enlightened, but now that there are now older people all saying the same thing. Guess we are a bunch of babies who can’t grasp abstract concept like you.

Sorry this entire website is too young for your giga-brain. It’s our mind that is holding us. It’s not a problem between you and us.

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And no, a moderator probably wouldn’t delete your questions and answers, although maybe they would if you weren’t such a dick. Let this be a lesson to you to never type something on the internet you wouldn’t want dug up later.

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