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Does anyone have a clue why this happened?

Asked by smudges (9372points) 2 months ago
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There was a question asked about famous people and how they act after sex. @Rayahope and I both answered, and my answer shows up on the right-hand side of the page where you get lurve.

The question is still there, but both of our answers are gone…just gone, not moderated…and when I click on my response in the lurve section it says the question is being edited.

So how can it be edited if it’s still there? and if it’s still there, where are my and Raya’s answers?

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If it was sent to editing, and the OP decided to abandon it and write a new one, that can happen. Maybe the OP felt it was the way to edit it.

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Ok, thank you.

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[mod says] One good explanation above. In this specific case, it was similar – but the other way around. You two responded on a duplicate. You had no way of knowing this, of course. But when the question was asked for the second time, it was because we had sent the first one for editing. I’m sorry your answer was lost, that’s frustrating. It’s why the rules about duplicate questions exist. I’m going to PM you both with your answers now, in case you’d like to repost them.

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^^ What a sweetie our mod is!

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Modding is a thankless job!

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Thank you, @longgone. It wasn’t a brilliant response or anything, I just couldn’t figure it out.

Response moderated
Response moderated
Response moderated
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@smudges Sure thing! It certainly was a confusing situation.

@janbb Oh, stop it… :]

@filmfann At times, it can feel that way. But it’s worth it because you all are honestly pretty great!

Had to remove some responses here because it’s against the rules to publicly share PMs.

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@longgone Oops, my bad sorry. I’m still a newbie and still making mistakes :( Dang will I ever learn?

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@RayaHope Oh, no need to apologize. That’s what we’re paid there for. ~

Like Anne of Green Gables likes to say: “Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it…well, with no mistakes in it yet.”

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…and then I show up.

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