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Can you get more Fluther points? (see details)

Asked by KRD (5048points) 2 months ago
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I heard that you can only award someone 100 points before they don’t count but I want to know if the number resets weekly or monthly where you can give them more points. Do Fluther points repeat?

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Nope. Only 100 from each person counts.

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I didn’t even know this was a thing.

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@RayaHope. You can still keep giving them GAs (and should) but it won’t add to their lurve.

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@janbb Do the points ever start over again?

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Never ever.

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~ darn ~


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You can get 1 point every day you show up.

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I feel like they should have points reset.

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Oh well @KRD not the rule and not going to happen.

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That’s why it’s so impressive that we have jellies with so many points. They’ve been around long enough to gather 100 points from a lot of people!

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@RayaHope That’s also why, the longer you’ve been here, the slower the points add up, because when people give you lurve, it might not translate into actual points.

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Shall we further blow the newcomers’ minds?

Only the first 5 Great Questions or Great Answers count toward the possibility of raising a jelly’s total lurve score. If the first 5 clicks on GQ are all from people who have maxed out on a the jelly asking the question, then that jelly’s lurve does not increase. It’s the same for GAs.

The founders designed it that way to keep us from gaming the system.

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