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What tropical Jelly has earned a sleeping porch in the mansion with 30,000K?

Asked by janbb (62111points) 1 month ago
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It’s our own TW – Tropical Willie! Break out the barbeque ribs and sweet tea to welcome him to the mansion!

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Yeah! Congratulations TW.

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Congratulations!!! Woo hoo!
To a wonderful contributor to our little lagoon.

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Congrats! BIG party in the works!

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Thanks penguin; that happened quickly, the last 50 Lurve in 24 hours.

Ribs and pulled pork for all !

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Congrats! What do want for your party?

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Love you, Wills!

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Ho’omaikai! I’ll eat a malasada in your honor.

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Congratulations to a great Jelly! Happy Dance!

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@Hawaii_Jake Have two, I’m on a low-carb diet.

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30Kongratulations @Tropical_Willie It’s nice having you around.

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Congrats on the well deserved 30k. It’s no secret that your presence always brightens the place.
I’ve been documenting the temperatures here and, confidentially, we can use a little more tropical warmth in the mansion.

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Bowing humbly to your greatness!!!!

Congrats to you and all the color you add to this place!!!

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Congrats!! (OMG that used to be so cool!)

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WTG TW! Sorry I’m late!
Lots of quality contributors making it today!

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