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Do you clean your home the day before a maid service arrives?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23798points) February 6th, 2023
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The maid service website said to tidy up before, and I didn’t leave much for the maids to clean.

I was in the zone and had the energy and enthusiasm to clean.

Share your experiences.
Humor welcome .

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It needs cleaning?

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I pick up and put away before they come so they can clean.

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@canidmajor Yes some parts I can’t clean. I don’t have all the proper cleaning supplies, and I don’t want to go on my hands and knees again. My worker wants me to hire a cleaning service. They arrive in 26 minutes or so.

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When I used to have a cleaning lady, I would change the cat litter, empty the dishwasher and try to clear some clutter before she came. I would also take the garbage out.

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I would do the dishes and empty the trash.

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Um… @RedDeerGuy1, my post was the “humor” you asked for.

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@canidmajor Oh. Thanks. The joke went over my head.

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Write down the areas that you cannot clean, such as under the bed, moving the couch and cleaning behind it, getting up on a ladder and cleaning the top of the drapes, cleaning the baseboards… This may take you a few tries to figure it out.

Keep a running list and stick it on a cupboard somewhere. When you see something that needs cleaning, but you can’t do, write it down.

Update your list every time you see something you know needs attention, but that you can’t do. Keep a separate list of things you know you can do and figure out a schedule for those chores.

This is a great list to work from.

Pay special attention to the weekly and seasonal chores, but really anything on this list that you cannot do is something you need to put on the list for the maid service.

If you work at it I’ll bet you can keep your house looking nice and pleasant.

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@snowberry Thank you for that link! I’m looking forward to making my own list from what they have.

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Yes, this is standard practice AFAIK. Your cleaning service is coming to do the things like toilets and floors and vacuuming and what not. if you’re just leaving crap laying about that they’re constantly picking up for you, then they’re spending more time and would have to charge more. It’s also more tiring for them to constantly be bending down and such.

It’s not that they can’t…it’s that it’s not really how the service tends to get used or tends to operate.

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Of course. Then the maid can go swimming or enjoy the hot tub as opposed to boring cleaning work.

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Of course. I don’t want them to think I’m a slob.

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That’s my wife’s reason for cleaning before the cleaners come too.

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