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Is your middle finger your favorite traffic sign?

Asked by Dig_Dug (4249points) 3 months ago
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Seems like a lot of people like to use this so often that it must be. Sort of like saying “you’re number one” to someone else.

I prefer “Slippery When Wet” or “Dangerous Curves Ahead”

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I think it is a display of their IQ score.

I saw a road sign that said “Love thy neighbor – But not while driving”

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Maybe that’s why the car in front of me was veering all over the road? lol

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No. I’ve never given a one-finger salute to another driver. Sometimes, though, I do mutter bad words under my breath.

I kind of like “Deer Crossing.”

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Who actually comes to a full and complete stop at a stop sign if there’s no traffic around? Drivers only stop if they have to. I’ve seen police roll through stop signs.
At a defensive diving class the instructor told the class how important it is to stop completely at stop signs. I told him that you are asking the class to do something that no one does.
One time when I was slowly driving through a parking lot I noticed two kids on skateboards hanging onto the back of my pickup for a free ride. When I came to the parking lot stop sign I stopped completely and the two skateboard riders crashed into the back of my pickup. No one was hurt. Pretty funny though.

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No. I own and operate my own business out of my vehicle. I can’t do that and promote good public relations.

@gondwanalon Good drivers ALWAYS come to complete stops. You just never know when another car will be RIGHT THERE and you won’t be entirely prepared for it. Best to be safe than sorry.

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I would never another driver. Invitation to get your ass kicked.

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I’ll yell with my windows closed but I never give the finger – that’s just not me.

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No, I don’t give people the middle finger while driving.

Drivers are fucking crazy. Who wants to be a road rage statistic?

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Dutch. Round these parts, it’s an invitation to pullover, so I can “talk” with the other driver.

My state just legalized open, and concealed carry… God help us all…........

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^^ So has mine and now you don’t even need a permit or license or even any testing. A simple background and you’re good.

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^Yup. There goes the neighborhood….

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No, it’s mostly the horn for me. Many transgressions are beepable.

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