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What is your favorite Summer destination?

Asked by Dig_Dug (4249points) March 1st, 2023
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Do you love summertime on the beach or water? Hiking or lounging in the shade? I’m so ready for the warm! Bring on the Sun :D

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I walk out my door an am on the beach. Nuf Said!

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I live on water but it is severely hot here in the summer. I like the mountains and those lovely waterfalls that have created perfect swimming pools.

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Gosh you both have…I’m envious ..all I’m saying :/

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Walking trails if out, reading on front stoop if home.

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My grandfather’s mining camp cabin in northern Nevada. Unusable now (he died in 1972) but we camp out there and shoot pack rats and stuff, drink beer. No one else is ever there so we have the whole place to ourselves. It’s very remote. My old dog is buried there.

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Wherever their is water. I like going to the rec center or a near by pool. I also like going to a reservoir and hanging around at the beach or go kayaking. I also go to outdoor events.

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I don’t like beach sand in my swimsuit; however, I do enjoy walking the beach at sunrise or sunset while listening to the waves crashing in!!! One of my best days at the beach was on a Thanksgiving morning watching the sunrise!!! I live closer to the mountains than the beach, so I tend to head for the mountains rather than drive to the beach. I can be sitting on the top of a mountain in about 1 maybe 1–½ hours. The beach is more like 4 maybe 5 hours.

I have a good imagination & I’ve discovered that I can recreate a visit to the beach without ever leaving home.There are several beaches with cams so you can see what is happening without being there. I also have several mp3’s of waves crashing onto the beach. I can go to one of the cams, turn on a fan, play a waves mp3, & feel like I’m at the beach. Sanibel Island FL has a really good cam. People visiting there know where the cams are & many look direct into the cam, wave, & smile as they’re walking by. It’s kind of like being there!!! I can be visiting the beach in the early morning & then 2 hours later, sitting on top of a mountain in real life, so I can have the best of BOTH worlds on the same day!!!

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Kauai or Maui. Get too hot and jump in the water with a snorkel and look at the fishies.

About four o clock go back to where you are staying and take an outdoor shower, then dry off by getting into bed naked for a nap.

Your biggest decision for the day is what to do for dinner.

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Inside, next to the air conditioning unit.

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Camping at state parks and forests in Wisconsin. It’s also a spring and fall activity for my husband and I. During the summer we usually camp every other weekend.

We made it a goal to visit every state park in Wisconsin when we moved here almost five years ago. We’ve covered about ⅓ of the parks so far. Some campsites are in the woods and others are lakefront with a private beach. We tent camp with no electricity. We like to hike several miles, fish, swim, lounge on a raft and hang by the fire.

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@zenvelo Naked you say?
@ragingloli Ooh, exotic..sounds like a blast! (eye roll) lol
@Jonsblond I should travel Wisconsin sometime, I noticed you really love it there. Must be very nice.

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@ragingloli that is how I spend summer when I am board and hot.

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@Dig_Dug You couldn’t pay me to move. :)

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@Jonsblond I LOVE <3 the kitty!

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I really llike Cape Cod, which is an island off of Massachusetts. It can be busy in the summer, in certain areas, but there are a lot of different towns, each one looks and feels different. Some are touristy, some focus on their history, some are affluent, some are humble, some are on the ocean side, some are on the bay side. You can be as busy or as laid back as you want to be. We had a lot of great summer vacations with my mom when she was alive, so it’s nostalgic for us. Now, if we go, we would likely have to stay in a hotel which can be hundreds per night in the summer, but it’s really a fun time, no matter what.

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I really wonder how a hotel can justify costing hundreds per night for a room? I know things cost money but jeez !

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@Dig_Dug Supply and demand. If they charge that and nobody comes to the rooms, they’d have to lower their price.

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Anywhere that has air conditioning.

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@jca I am so happy that you know the Cape is an island as opposed to the former peninsula.

I love the Cape. I have friends in Chatham and some in P-Town. I sped at least 2 weeks a year there. Bikes, sand Dunes, people watching, the beaches. The Lobsters have moved north, the sharks have frequented the beaches.

They closed the canal this past weekend for 3 right whales to navigate their way through.

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@Forever_Free Chatham is the town my parents originally started going to, in the early 80’s. They rented a little house near a lake. The house had only an outdoor shower – very rustic. Then they rented in Yarmouth and lastly, Orleans. We love Chatham and P-town is always fun. I try to get to CC once a year now. My daughter loves it because it reminds her of summers with Nana.

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@jca2 that is nice.

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