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What types of questions do you see on Quora?

Asked by Zaku (30163points) March 5th, 2023
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I rarely visit Quora, but despite me trying to set it not to, it spams me daily with answers it thinks I should be sent.

They’re almost always the same few subjects.

I’m sure it uses some algorithm to send you more stuff on things you’ve looked at before, but in my case, it seems like almost all questions are the same few things, or even answers I’ve seen years ago!

So I’m curious – if you look at several questions there, what sorts of questions does it show you?

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For myself, I had to scroll through 24 questions just now before reaching a single one that was not about warfare, war politics, or firearms (and only one of the first 23 was just about civilian firearms). #24 was about cars, and was still like many of the warfare questions in that it was asking something stupid about what brand was better than another.

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Don’t use it myself but one of my grand daughters did before we got her an IPhone on her birthday. She must have used it for celebrity gossip because they send me a lot of Qs and answers about celebs.

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I rarely use it. I see questions float through my email every now and then. They are typically quite old.

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Quora is dumb.

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The website seems to be used the most by highly partisan Democrats and Republicans. Some examples of questions I’ve recently seen:

Why can’t democrats just admit that they don’t support freedom?

Why did liberals attack the capital?

Have you ever met a far right Christian that doesn’t come across as mentally ill?

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No idea. I don’t look at them. That stuff goes to an email I don’t even go to often.

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@Dutchess_III @rockfan Yeah, if there were more people here who used Quora, I might ask what might be going on with the insanely terrible and stupid questions on Quora, which seems to be most of them. They’re almost all disturbingly ultra-dumb/uninformed/deluded or propaganda questions and/or bait for “answers” that showcase how wrong the question is.

I find it quite bizarre and dystopian.

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