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How do I get this crack in my lip to heal?

Asked by tinyfaery (43715points) 3 weeks ago
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My lip spit right down the middle of my bottom lip and it won’t heal because it keeps getting opened up, mostly when I sleep. I’ve been keeping it moisturized and putting Neosporin on it and I do not know what else to do.


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How long have you had this crack? If it has been awhile you should go to the doctor to get it healed so it does not get infected.

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Are you keeping vasoline on it?

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It’s been like 2 weeks. There is no infection. I’m using O’Keefe’s Lip Repair.

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I would make sure it’s really moist, with vaseline. I’m not sure if O’Keefe’s Lip Repair is really oily, like vaseline, but times I’ve had really chapped lips, vaseline is what does it.

I get this in the winter, because of the dry air. I think you’re in southern California, but if you’re in a dry environment, maybe a humidifier would help.

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Any sign of infection?

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There is no redness, swelling, or excessive pain. And I am using Neosporin.

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I use medicated chapstick liberally when this happens to me.

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I’m going through the same shit. It’s always this time of year too.
Blistex (the green one,) and triple antibiotic is all I’ve ever used. Try apply it as soon as you wake up. As soon as you smile, or talk, it might open back up.

Good luck.

No Taylor Swift either. It can cause such issues…

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Blistex is you best bet in case its infected or can easily get infected. O’ keefes is second in my mind. I use to love Burts bees but their formula seems to have changed. It use to eave my lips super smooth all day. Now I have to apply it all the time.

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If your heater is blasting at night, try a humidifier.

If you’re mouth breathing at night, try more nose breathing.

I’m just trying to guess why it’s reopening at night. What you apply during the day doesn’t matter all too much if it’s reopening each night. That seems to be key.

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I use A and D ointment at those times.

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@canidmajor I assume not the diaper rash ointment, right?

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Just regular A and D, like you use on a fresh tattoo.

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What about liquid bandage? I THINK you can put it on your lip, because it dries right away. That stuff works really well to heal cuts that wont close—I wear glasses and occasionally get a scrape or cut under where the glasses sit on my nose and that will not heal with anything other than liquid bandage. I love that stuff.

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Thanks Deni. I assumed you couldn’t put that stuff near your mouth but you absolutely can. I’m gonna try that.

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