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Advice on purchasing a Kindle Fire tablet?

Asked by Jeruba (55163points) 3 weeks ago
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This one:

I have a model I bought several years ago. It seems to be getting a bit tired. Any advice pro or con the newer model? if it is newer? This is a much lower price; last time I looked, it was $189.

Many thanks for all helpful comments.

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I’m about to buy a new tablet for my wife; I will get a keyboard and case for it.

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@Jeruba I’m very interested in this question as mine is tired also. I’m curious to know, though if you will use it only as a reader or if you also want to use it’s a tablet? I only want to use mine as a reader, as when I’m reading I don’t want any outside disruptions such as texts or email notifications. As of right now I only have the reader. I will be interested in other perspectives.

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Here is a review of all the Amazon Fire tablets, and this tablet is second on the list. Their quick takeaway is the it’s the best Fire tablet for most people. That’s a good selling point. It says it has good battery life, and that may be the most important feature.

I really like tablets. I’ve been doing most of my social media consumption on a tablet for more than 10 years. I’m using one to post this right now. I’m partial to Samsung tablets, but there’s nothing wrong with the Amazon Fire ones if that’s what you’re accustomed to.

I really like my Amazon Kindle for reading books. I use it daily. It’s light, and the screen is a good size. I have a Kindle Paperwhite model that I bought back in 2018 that’s still going strong.

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@chyna If you’re interested, I can tell you the differences between Amazon Fire tablets and other Android tablets in a separate question or in PM.

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Before you buy one, I just want to point out if you have an iPad you can just load the kindle app on your iPad and read from there. I wish I had done this for my aunt rather than buying her a kindle.

I use the kindle app on my iPhone, but I don’t read a lot of novels.

I think @Hawaii_Jake is also recommending something similar, but I’m not sure, because I’m not very savvy on the topic and the products.

When I bought my aunt the kindle (years ago) it could only be used for reading. Maybe newer ones have multi-function.

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Two things: first, they’re often on sale for quite a bit off on prime day etc. That’s when to get a new one.
The other thing is you can easily put the Google store on them. You don’t have to live with it completely locked down to Amazon’s stuff.

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I bought that one back in 2021 & I paid $153. for it. Only difference that I can see is mine was a 64g where this one is a 32g. Knowing Amazon fairly well, the best I can tell you is that the price is so cheap because they will be releasing a new model soon & they want to dump old inventory. EBay is selling that same one for $90 +$5 shipping but it’s probably used. I’ve been using this one for 2 years & I have NO complaints. It has been very reliable.

Another option you can have is that Amazon also has an app for your computer so you can read your books on your computer with the same setup as your Kindle. Any book you have on your Kindle can be read on your computer. You don’t get any of the other benefits of the tablet, but it can be convenient while reading a book. My Fire is normally in my car; but when needed, I can continue reading on my laptop & the 2 sync so I can pick up where I left off no matter which device I’m on.

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Thanks very much for all comments so far. Still listening.

@Hawaii_Jake (and others), please feel free to add your comments about Fire vs. Android here.

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@Jeruba I’m glad this is helpful.

If you are only reading books on your Fire tablet and using your computer for all your other needs, I suggest you get only a Kindle to read books with. They are very light weight and easy to use. I have the Kindle Paperwhite version that I bought in 2015 that is still going strong.

If you want a device to do more than simply reading books, I recommend this Samsung Android tablet. The advantage of using an Android tablet over an Amazon Fire is the ecosystem. Android is part of the Google universe, and it gives you access to the full array of Android apps from the Google Play Store. I am able to do almost everything on my Samsung tablet that I can on my laptop.

The Amazon Fire tablet is on the Amazon ecosystem. It is possible to hook it into the Google system, but it requires many extra steps that are humbug. The Samsung tablet I linked is good quality and inexpensive.

I do not have a desk. Using a laptop with a lapdesk in my chair is inconvenient. I use my tablet for everything I want to do while I’m comfortable in my chair. I only get out my laptop when I’m doing something that requires a lot of typing. I use my tablet for the majority of my Fluthering while I’m at home. I answer questions and post new questions on my tablet.

If you have a desk and are happy with your setup, perhaps you don’t need a tablet at all. If you want to use something while sitting in a comfortable chair, you may want to consider a tablet.

Finally, I will say that I’ve used Kindles for about 15 years. I really like reading on them. The text is very easy to see, and the size of the text is adjustable. If the text is too small, I can enlarge it. I have a good friend who uses a Nook reader from Barnes and Noble, and she is very pleased with it.

When I travel, I take my phone, my Kindle, and my tablet. I do not take my laptop. It’s very easy to travel with these devices.

(If you decide to buy the Samsung tablet from Amazon, do not buy any extra insurance for it.)

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@Jeruba Is this the one you are referring to?

Sounds like you should take @Hawaii_Jake’s recommendation under advisement and go for an Android.

(Probably not totally helpful, but I wanted to be part of the fun!)

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Yeah, @canidmajor, that’s the one. Thanks for that reminder; I’d forgotten ever posting about that.

Over time I gradually rebuilt my list of bookmarks, the ones I use most frequently when I’m away from my laptop. I use it on the couch or in bed, for reading, crossword puzzles, and so on, but not for email, writing, photos, etc. Strictly ad hoc and transient. And I do have other access to my Kindle library. I’m still mad at Amazon for that stunt and now trust them less than ever.

I’m looking at the advice here, particularly @Hawaii_Jake,‘s and weighing it all in. Leaning toward the Android suggestion, especially since my phone is also a Samsung Android (although I do not want to sync them; no phone or text on my tablet). I’m mostly ok with that.

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I had heard other, similar complaints about the Kindle Fire. My daughter is all about Samsung devices, she swears by them, but that’s the closest I can come to help, I have been using the Apple platform for so long that I would not like to change.
And hey, enjoy new shiny stuff! I know you have been resistant 8n the past, but it can be kinda fun. :-)

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@Hawaii_Jake Regarding the Fire tablet, do you download the Kindle app?

I’m just thinking @Jeruba could try it on her phone first, she can always delete the app later if she wants to. Not sure if it’s the same on the phone and the tablet.

I guess in the stores she can probably try it too if the Fire is sold in stores?

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@JLeslie The Kindle app is preloaded on the Fire tablet.

@Jeruba You have to have a special app to link your phone to your tablet. You won’t have to do that. When you receive the tablet, at various times, it will ask if you want to sync. Simply select no.

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@Jeruba please let us know what you get and how you like it!

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If I thought you lived close to me, I would give you one of mine, although they are slightly older versions. I had bought one in the past and then thought I lost it when I moved two moves ago, bought another one and then later found the first one. But I found I don’t use it much because I really prefer reading real books. And as my eyes have gotten not as good, I don’t enjoy using the apps on it as much. It’s easier to hold my phone close to my face then the 10-in tablet.

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Well? Did you get one?

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Ya people wanna know !

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