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Can a computer get a mental illness?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23799points) 2 months ago
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Old, new or future Artificial intelligence?

Humor welcome.

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Well, there’s Windows 8 and later.

Not to mention Banzai Buddy, TikTok, and endless other terrible software.

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How about HAL?

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I mean…that’s basically what a software bug IS, right? Or a virus. it alters the code that runs to produce undesired results.

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Computers don’t have minds, so they can’t experience mental phenomena…

That said, “Error: Out of Memory” certainly sounds like Alzheimer’s.

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@gorillapaws Also meditation clears the system tray.

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Open the Pod Bay doors.

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When a computer does anything out of the ordinary, it is called a virus or malware. At the same time…when a human does anything out of the ordinary, it is called mental illness. You be the judge!!!

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A computer stuck in an infinitely repeating program loop can be viewed as an extreme form of OCD.

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Only if diagnosed properly will you be able to know.

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Did you read your question more than once?

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In modern times, there are driver incompatibilities and memory leaks that make computers get confused after a while. AI will probably introduce errors due to conflicting reasonings.

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