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What parts of your life, or work, would you like to be automated?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24661points) April 2nd, 2023
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Also the opposite what parts of your life, or work, do you love?

Humor welcome.

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I drive a truck, so not much can be automated more than it is now.

As for home, the hardest part for us is finances, and with auto deposit and bill pay, that mostly is now. I play music and do art in spare time, so I’d rather not my paintings be automated. At the moment, though, as we’re preparing to send our kid off to university kind of wish that was more automated. FASFA is a pain, as is all of these little things that keep popping up. I appreciate every time we get something in the mail saying they found a new scholarship or whatever for the kid, but I just wish they’d start off with the best, lowest, tuition then let us figure it out from there instead of all of these “we’ll pay first year books,” “we’ll give you $3,000 because of grades,” “we’ll deduct tuition by $4,000 per year if you major in (subject).” How about telling us what it costs, lowest you have, and then let us figure the rest? Will never happen, too many jobs would be lost.

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I would like to have one of those robots in the movie, “I Robot” that will do all the yard work around our house and clean up cat vomit inside the house.

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I have automated as much as I want at the moment. The rest is fine.

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I used to feel like my work day wouldn’t have been so bad if I had a limo with a limo driver to drive me to and from work, door to door, instead of the stress of the commute.

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I would like washing dishes more automated than the standard dishwasher. I need a robot or maid to do the dishes pots and pans and unload the dishwasher for me.

I’ve automated paying my bills as much as possible, but I still have to go in an check all the charges. Pain in the neck.

Oh, the US needs taxes more automated! My tax return is ridiculous. I know it’s semi-automated now, some of it self fills if you use intuit from what I understand. I use an EA to do my taxes. So confusing our tax laws. Some countries the government basically does it all and you just sign off.

@Acrylic I saw a show that driverless trucks are on the Florida highways already. Is it true?

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@JLeslie The new dishwashers need the dishes to be rinsed fairly well, too, which is annoying. My old dishwasher never needed anything to be rinsed unless it was really messy. The new one has a screen and it gets gunk on it. Very fussy machine.

I wish someone would automate unloading the clothes from the machine and hanging them up in the closet.

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@JLeslie No idea. I drive a truck, just not as into it as so many who do are. Not sure how driverless trucks do on backing, tailgating, or general customer service. I’m closing in on retirement now, so won’t be around to find out first hand, but can’t really see that as a positive in the industry.

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@jca2 There are still dishwashers that have an “automatic” filter so you don’t need to clean one. Why anyone is ok with the filters that get gross is behind me, I’ve complained about that on fluther. For the first time I have a dishwasher with those icky filters, and I hope never to again. I clean it a lot, I hate the idea of the food sitting there. I wish I had just bought a new dishwasher when I bought the house.

As you point out all of the dishwashers don’t clean the dishes as well. It’s because they don’t use a lot of water. Take forever too, and basically require more expensive soap. Annoying.

Front load washing machines also don’t clean very sweaty clothes well, not enough water in my opinion (and the opinion of many of my friends).

I’d love someone taking my clothes out of the dryer and folding them, and I used to fold for a living. Lol. I just hate doing it for myself. I would hang more of my clothes if I had my old closet, but in this house my closet is small. I can hang 30 shirts in a minute.

I just rehung a friend’s closet (her and her husband) when she bought all new hangers. I didn’t like the hangers she bought, but oh well, she didn’t want to listen to me. She had 90% of her closet on wire hangers, so anything is an improvement. She has a ton of hanging clothes. We counted just over 300 pieces in her closet and over 100 in her husband’s. Shopaholic.

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@JLeslie My washing machine is the same way – HE – High Efficiency. It’s about 5 years old and I was really sorry when I first got it. It leaves streaks on black jeans from the lack of water. Clothes come out really wrinkly because it wrings them dry with such a small amount of water.

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^^My machine is almost 20 years old. I sometimes trick it by wetting a towel so more water goes into the drum.

The problem is everything is so extreme. Toilets, dishwashers, washers, I think they cut the water more than half. Why not just save 30% or something like that?

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I liked the old machine where I could manually set the water level for the load size, small, medium, large, extra large.

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@jca2 Me too.

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Everything. Give me the spacecraft from Wall-E.

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@JLeslie @jca2 What is the point of having a dishwasher when you have to practically wash the dishes before you put them in there in the first place? Then you have to wash the dishwasher afterwords also? Might as well just wash them in the sink!

To answer the question: Take care of my cats. Between the litter box and the occasional “accidents” that are always on the carpet and not on the hardwood, that would be nice!

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^^I rinse my plates or let them soak a little if I can’t rinse right away, and put them in the dishwasher. I don’t “wash” them.

I hand wash pots and pans usually.

This cheap dishwasher I have I also wash a lot of flatware by hand. No third rack for forks and knives and I don’t like the utensils to be crowded and not get clean. I combine the effort. Whenever I wash pots I also wash a handful of forks and knives. I use the pot to soak everything in bubbles and then wash and rinse.

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I wish they could automatically delete my seizures when they start to happen.

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Vacuuming my carpeted stairs. I have a Roomba upstairs and one downstairs….......I want one for the stairs.

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