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If you wrote a note recommending a friend for a job, would you share what you had written with that friend?

Asked by janbb (62556points) April 28th, 2023
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One of my friends is losing his job and another friend is advertising a part time job that would be perfect for my first friend. I mentioned to Friend A that I thought this job would be great for him and he had already applied for it. I wasn’t asked for a reference but since I knew Friend B fairly well, I dropped him a casual note recommending Friend A.

I’m happy with what I’ve done. I am just curious if I should forward to Friend A what I wrote. I had told A that I was sending B a note and he has thanked me.

Your thoughts? (Putting this in General.)

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I do it all the time and make sure they know what I stated so they are aware. This helps them if asked direct questions during an interview that may reference my statements.

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@Forever_Free That’s kind of where I was coming from too.

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Yes, I would also tell Friend A for the reason stated.

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Update: I did forward it on to him and he is very appreciative “that you are looking out for me.”

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Yes, absolutely. I can’t imagine why not. As @Forever_Free stated, it gives your friend some info on what the prospective employer knows. When he touts the virtues you praised, the interviewer sees that his bragging is corroborated.

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It depends on my relationship with both the friend and the employer.

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Of course I would .

I am recommending my friend for a job so I think it only right that the friend should know what I was saying about him/her.

Added to this if the friend knew I had written to their potential employers and even if you gave them a great recommendation but the friend did not get the job and he/she did not know what you said they may think that the recommendation was not a good one.

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