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What did the first time that you fired someone feel like?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24048points) May 5th, 2023
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Was it dread? Or don’t let the door hit you on your ass on the way out?

I’ve never fired someone. I’ve quit before. I have been fired.

Share your thoughts.

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It never feels great.

I didn’t feel too bad about the first one though. He was an adjunct instructor I chose note to hire back for the next semester. I knew he was an awful teacher so when I became chair, I let him go.

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Most times it is not a good feeling. I’ve had a few employees that I was glad were gone, though. We had good rules for behavior and they were all terminated for those rules. As we said, we don’t fire these people, they fire themselves.

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Firing someone is NEVER fun!!! My very first one wasn’t my idea & I didn’t agree with it, so I found it extra hard to tell her. I kept up with her through friends & rehired her after the big boss calmed down. She was a good worker…HE was the problem, but I couldn’t fire him!!! Then came the 2nd one & I received much relief from that one as she had been the cause of a LOT of my grief on the job & I was NOT going to miss her. Actually, I smiled as I watched her walk out the door for the LAST time!!! Normally, I tried to be honest with any of my staff in order to give them the opportunity to correct the problem. Those who cared about their job figured out a way to be happy & still follow the rules of the company. Those who didn’t care, continued to screw up until I had NO other choice…not that that made it any easier, but it did help to clear my conscience on the final decision. I NEVER had to fire that many people & I was NEVER fired from a job although I did quit quite a few over my career!!!

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I would agree with @Acrylic ‘necessary’. The employee had gotten into a physical fight with another employee (both women!) and it had been witnessed by me and by others. I really had no choice but to fire her.

Sadly, when you work for the County, you have to go through 10 levels of personnel to get things to happen – and I was white and both of the women were black – so we had to dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’.

But the firing was upheld and she was canned.

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I have known a lot of first time managers, and nearly all of them were eager to fire someone/anyone.
It made me sick to watch.
I had a good friend who fired someone. I know it just killed him inside to do that, but the employee gave him no choice.

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Some of you may consider this a stretch, but as the consumer, any doctor I have works for me. I’m sorry to say that I’ve fired more than a few of them. It never felt good, and sometimes they left me with a bigger problem than I had before.

Nowadays I try to do my research and know exactly what I’ll be getting if I hire a certain doctor. unfortunately thats not always possible.

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It was bad and sad.

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I had to be the witness (2nd person present) at a firing. It was really sad. The guy was trying to keep his home life together but that made him unable to be at work reliably. Nice guy too, just bad circumstances.

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