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Privateinternetaccess VPN drops on Android smart phone?

Asked by AsksQuestions (114points) June 1st, 2023
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I installed the app, and the VPN drops even if I set the VPN to always on. Using the kill switch causes the Internet connection to die all the time.

I’m on Android 10.

I have a Consumer Cellular Android ZTE model Z5156CC

IMEI 860103042317959

Screenshot from about page:

I haven’t figured out how to stop the connection from dropping. Any suggestions?

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I am not an expert.

I wonder if it’s your old version of Android. I’m using Android 13 on my Google Pixel 6 phone.

I hope someone with more knowledge will answer. Have you posted this on Reddit forums? There’s likely one dedicated to that VPN.

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No good idea. I use PIA myself, but not on my phone – only my laptop.

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Can I Give Imei Number

It is advised not to provide your phone’s IMEI number to anyone. By providing the same to a stranger can make you lose your phones’ usability and it might be used for malicious purposes. Moreover, you can give the IMEI number only to the person who has paid for the respective phone.

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