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How are you celebrating National Trail Day this June 3?

Asked by Acrylic (3358points) June 3rd, 2023
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I’ll be taking a group of young girls to a local trail park to step 3 miles through the winding wonders. Afterwards, kid and I will hit as many local trail parks as time allows, venturing through the wonders of God’s Creation observing the rainbowed realm that no pro now needlessly heeds. Will be a lovely day, at the end we’ll find the Ford and hop ride by neary a doubt to the local ice cream shop for tasty frozen treats.

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Racing Hawaiian style outrigger canoes in a sprint race regatta on Puget Sound. It will last from 7 am through around 2 pm today with seven different canoe clubs competing. So much fun to race other clubs against other teams that are in my age class. Got a $5 bet that my 60’s + age class team will beat another club’s old guys team.

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I am in Montana and taking it to the Lava Lake Trail in Big Sky today. I have done this 6 mile out an back before. I would be doing it no matter if it was Trail Day or not.
Everyday is Trail Day to me. Happy to have a new Garmin wearable to test out as well.
I did The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone Trail yesterday.

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Happy National Trail Day to you @Acrylic. Between “Wear Orange for Gun Sense” yesterday and tomorrow when I am marching with my church in a Pride Parade, I am taking today off to plant my vegetable garden.

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I am blessed with a lake 10 minutes from my house with gorgeous new trails. I’ll probably go hit one of those next weekend. Here’s a video for our beautiful area of SW Mo.

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Probably take a drive to North Georgia and stop at one of the state parks and walk for an hour or two,

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I had never heard of National Trail Day until you enlightened me. As an elderly disabled widow, I do very little hiking; however, my town has a nice walking path with a pretty fountain in our park. We have a lot of elderly people who live here, so there are benches just every little bit for those of us who might get tired & need a break. It’s only 1/5 of a mile long. On a bad day I just walk it one round. On a good day, I go for 5 rounds so I can get in a mile. I always have the option to keep on walking if I’m feeling super good. It’s in a safe area & it’s not far from the police station so if you need help they will check as they drive by. The sound of the fountain is very relaxing. Yes, it is a paved path, but natural paths are dangerous for older people due to rocks or whatever tripping us.

Depending on how my day goes, I may head to the park to walk as many rounds as I can today in honor of NTD!!!

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I am avoiding my village which is having a trail festival. I think it’s great that they’re doing it, I just don’t want to deal with extra traffic and pedestrians. So, instead of being a grumpy old lady about it, I’m staying n my house.

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The country has gone ape shit about days to celebrate. This is a signal of something gone terribly wrong. Let’s try to figure that out and stop with the idiotic days to “celebrate.”

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^^ raises hand high and waves wildly How’s about National Cynic Day?!

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@smudges I think SS got up on the wrong side of the bed again today!

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S’ok…wouldn’t be our SS otherwise!

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