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For show-and-tell in school, did you ever present something really odd or unusual?

Asked by Jeruba (55823points) June 5th, 2023
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Didn’t everybody have some version of this activity in elementary school, where you display or demonstrate something to the class and talk about it?

Do you remember ever showing and/or telling something that was totally off the beaten path?

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Kind of. We had a “bring your dad to school day” and as part of my dad’s talk, he brought in a chunk of plaque that he removed from a patient’s atherosclerotic artery as a “don’t smoke kids or this will happen to you” prop. He sent it around the room, haha. I don’t know if the kids in my 5th grade class ended up less likely to be smokers that their peers, but it makes for a great story.

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I showed some weird plants. They were 6’ tall and resistant to cutting.

The science teacher was to look it up for me, and I never got an answer.

My dad then harvested a back yard full of them.

Never found out what they were.

I thought that It was drugs.

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3rd grade. My most humiliating moment. I was showing and telling about my Barbie doll and the dress my mom had handmade for her. I was standing in front of the class rattling on and the entire class was giggling. I didn’t understand and was embarrassed. I figured they were making fun of me having a doll. Until I turned her around to look at her and saw that the dress had fallen below her boobs. I sat down at my desk and just cried.
Wasn’t that an uplifting story?

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two pound rock crystal Halite; a type of salt, the mineral (natural) form of sodium chloride.

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My pet lobster.

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I brought in this huge paper cone Bee Hive that was under our deck to share with my other 4th graders
It was March and still cold when I took it in. The cone warmed in the classroom and bees started coming out that afternoon. I guess I showed them!

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Good stories!

@raum, did you really have a pet lobster?

As for me, I stood in front of my third or fourth grade class and explained how I was learning to fly. I described running and then just lifting my feet from the ground, in a kneeling position, like a plane retracting its wheels. I said I would then glide forward at the same height for a little way, and that with practice the intervals were getting longer.

I really believed what I was saying. And the kids were impressed. I don’t recall the teacher’s making much of any comment at all. I did keep up my practice for a while, but never as successfully as I imagined.

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Yes! Was supposed to be my dinner. :P

I love that the kids in your class also believed. Wish that lasted longer.

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@Jeruba Your story reminded me of this.

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No, but you reminded me of the time my friend in grade six brought a rifle and shotgun for show and tell.

Ahh, Canada in the 90s, where nothing bad ever happened to anyone, or so is my understanding.

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I brought my newborn sister (plus mum) when I was in elementary school. Very much a hit. Lots of questions about babies.

Later, I brought my dog several times. She became a celebrity at that school, with kids from six to sixteen getting excited about her arrival. She’s even in one of the school’s calendars.

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