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What's on your favorite peanut butter sandwich?

Asked by SpatzieLover (24591points) September 23rd, 2008
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I fixed my son’s lunch and was wondering how many ppl out there eat it. I make his w/Brownberry bread, Smuckers Organic PB, and Nutella.

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I have a cousin that eats hers w/bananas sliced on top & another that loves potato chips in it…

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I’m a purist….peanut butter and jelly (grape or strawberry)...that’s it!

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@spatzieLover – how do you like the Smukers Organic – we use natural PB – I don’t even consider it “different” anymore.

I did try Nutella – it’s the only thing a friend serves, she doesn’t buy PB.

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I only buy the Smuckers Organic…we had switched to natural a while back, then I started overhauling everything to Organic.

Recently our store was out so my husband got the natural one instead. My husband (who will readily tell you he has no pallet) noticed the difference immediately and promised we’d never buy another again.

All I can say is it tastes really nutty and has more of a roasted undertone.

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Simple Jif peanut butter if I can’t find Maranatha no-stir organic, a light schmear of butter on the jelly side, concord grape Smucker’s 100% fruit spread. On squooshy white bread.

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@SpatzieLover – thanks! We’ll try it. We’ve switched a lot over to organic, but I’ve followed my husband’s lead on a few thing – PB being one of them. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Nutella. (gag) Hazelnut-butter is (gag)... ‘scuse me… be back (gag) soon.

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@robmandu – I don’t get the Nutella thing either

My father loves bologna/baloney with his peanut butter! that might be another gagger for some

I love a good Fluffernutter – Skippy peanut butter and Fluff!

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I always eat peanut butter, banana and honey (local is better for the immune system). It’s good for the body.

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This Flutherer lurves Fluff!

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Nothing special about my peanut butter sandwich ITSELF, so to speak…except that I always eat one along with spaghetti and meatballs. Mmmm.

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Peanut butter on one slice of bread with sliced banana on top, marshmallow cream on the other piece of bread & Hershey’s syrup drizzled over the banana’s; put bread together, it’s Heaven with an ice cold glass of milk!

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@kt——sounds like a big naughty sundae sandwich—Yum!

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It Is..I guarantee you’ll love it.

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I once made a peanutbutter sandwich with blueberries on it. Not one of my best ideas ever.

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a little sugar sprinkled on it, or orange marmalade.

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@generalspecific, so there are some things that blueberries just don’t work with, huh?

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@cak, yep I guess so. even though it wasn’t the worst tasting thing.. it was just too odd for me. the texture was pretty weird.

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Strat: Really?
Orange marmalade?
That sounds delicious.
Will have to try it.

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Aw, yeah! Why stop at just jelly?

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Honey! PB and honey. Mmmmmmm.

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I love PB & honey, too. My dad used to be a huge fan of PB&Mayo&lettuce as a sandwich. It actually wasn’t too bad (though I realize it does sound frightfully nauseating).

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Not if you remember how good peanuts are on a salad!

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Mmmm.. peanut butter and bananas. My aunt also makes her own jams and jellies that are really tasty. I love the pomegranate one.

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Homemade jam or jelly. There’s banana’s, and thinly slice apples too. If all else fails honey. I also remember as a child reading Dennis the Menace and putting ketchup on my peanut butter sandwich. Actually was pretty good.

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I especially like peanut butter and tomato on toast. But then, I always put peanut butter instead of mayo on my BLT, and usually “hold the lettuce”.

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i like it on pumpernickel bread.

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White bread, Jif crunchy peanut butter, Polaner All Fruit seedless strawberry. If I can’t have crunchy PB, I have to put potato chips on it!

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My mum used to make peanut butter sandwiches with sultanas in them (sultanas are golden raisins). My dad loves those sandwiches, I can’t stand them, just the thought makes me want to hurl!!!

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Butter! I know it sounds weird but peanut butter and butter with strawberry jam is soooooo good!

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Damn! I am soooooooooo hungry, and it is not even lunch time yet!!!

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Peanut Butter (organic-preferably with skins), sliced banana, a drizzle of honey, and bacon!!!

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Picky people pick Peter Pan peanut butter ;-)

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I used to think organic PB was better till I found out that other organic butters were made in the same facility with the same machinery. Not safe for us when my son is so allergic to cashews he can’t be in the same room with them. The what if? question came up and my organic PB went in the trash. Total bummer man! Real bummer that before he was born I loved cashews and cashew butter.

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PB and chocolate chip! When I was little, my dad used to pack them in my lunches – all the other kids at school were so jealous…

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Thank you. Thank you very much.

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@kruger Elvis has left the building

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No, no @SpatzieLover Elvis loved “Fried” Peanut Butter Banana Sandwiches. Kind of like Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Personally I like them with fresh baked (homemade) bread and not fried. How about you @kruger?

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@cooksalot He liked everything fried!

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I’m with emilyrose… I like my Peter Pan smooth peanut butter on pumpernickel bread. Nothing but peanut butter!

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Real strawberry jam, good non-industrial peanut butter (Adams unsalted is ok), and good solid non-white bread.

Cashew butter is really good, just by itself, or on toast with honey and/or cinnamon (someone had me try that and said it was medicinal, too).

Almond butter is also good. Raisins too. Toasted bread can also be good.

When I was a little kid, my mom used to give me peanut butter sandwiches with brown sugar, though now that sounds too intense and sweet.

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Yes,,,Peter Pan is Kraft Peanut Butter here in Canada…..Had to go through a few brands until I finally found it when I came to Canada from the U.S. I also love it toasted with grape or strawberry jelly on it…....Honey & bananas are good on it too….Yummy!

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