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Why do international university students pay more than local students?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24596points) August 23rd, 2023
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Can someone explain?

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It makes more money for the universities.

At least in the US, local (meaning in-state) students almost always get a huge discount when attending public universities (Penn State, Ohio State, etc.). People from out of state (an Iowan attending Kansas State, for example) pay the ‘normal tuition’.

For international students – they have no claim on any discount at all, and the universities have realized that they can charge FULL price for a US education, because a US degree has great value outside the US. So their international rates are significantly higher.

In addition, international students don’t qualify for state financial aid or most scholarships, the universities know theyt will be paid in cold hard cash,

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Public universities receive some money from the government for their expenses. Each student’s parents have been paying taxes for many years to support the government and thus the universities. These local students receive a lower tuition in recognition of this.

Students who come from other jurisdictions (other states or other countries) do not have a history of contributing to the college through taxes, so they pay more as a result.

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Money! My husband paid the international price at his school. I paid out of state prices, which was expensive too.

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Same reason out-of-state students pay more, I assume.

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Outsiders pay more because they are outsiders and haven’t paid years of State or Federal taxes.

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You assume they do pay more but, that may not be the case. I was both shocked and appalled when I spoke to many international grad students in my last program that somehow got a free ride from uncle Sam no strings attached.

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