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Do you read Letters by an American by Heather Cox Richardson?

Asked by syz (35891points) September 23rd, 2023
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I realize that her strong liberal slant contributes to my confirmation bias, and so I make a conscious effort to seek out neutral and right leaning sources (ugh). But I find her correlation of current events with historical events fascinating.

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Yes, I get it in my email and read it. I think she is very knowledgeable. Friends told me about her a few years ago and I started reading her then.

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Yes, I do.

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Yes. It’s one of my best sources on US political news and related history.

I don’t think it’s a liberal slant. She’s a college historian calling things as she sees it. It’s accurate and intelligent, and the truth on this subject definitely does not shed very many of the current US Republican politicians in a positive light, but that doesn’t mean that reporting truthfully on that “has a liberal bias” at all.

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It’s not all left and right, there is also good sense and nonsense and you aren’t obliged to balance one against the other. I’d go easy on the (ugh) sources that produce great amounts of heat while shedding no illuminating light.

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Yes. She is intelligent, educated, and articulate. Her presentation of the circumstances is very well and cogently stated.

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Great historian Prof. Richardson, consistently pouring out a wealth of knowledge that’s essential to understanding in depth the political history of people in America ever since its inception.

Used to watch her videos in FB for free but I’m unable now to access that old FB account.

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