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Why do people cheat at Wordle?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33081points) September 26th, 2023
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Or do people just cheat at everything that comes their way?

Interesting article

Where is the joy of a game, if you preternaturally cheat?

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The priority to appear more erudite and/or intelligent to whatever demographic you are trying to impress is obviously higher than that of enjoying the game. It’s probably just harmless and silly and may not denote a tendency to cheat in general.

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Back when I played wordle I cheated when I couldn’t find an answer just to learn. But I played for myself. I am not one of those people who felt it necessary to advertise my wordle results to anybody. I see people post their wordle results and my response is generally “block”.

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I have seen several Wordle games. Is there an official one? And where do they get the answers?

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@LostInParadise I used the NYTimes one. I cheated by looking at word unscrambler websites. I quit playing it because I just didn’t like it and I do crosswords now.

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Total lack of principles! I only cheated once.

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I don’t cheat at wordle. I had to ask my girlfriend to not post so early because I could figure out from how she plays what the early words were.

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@Caravanfan , The article said that cheaters can find out what the word is before the first guess. I don’t know where that information could possibly be.

Unscrambler sites are useful, even if you don’t use them for cheating. Sometimes after solving a game I wonder how many possibilities there were at the end. Sometimes it is just one, but other times it may be a few, which means I was fairly lucky in solving the puzzle.

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@LostInParadise Oh, I didn’t cheat by looking up the word beforehand. What’s the point of that? I just used the unscrambler sites when I got stuck and couldn’t figure my way out. I don’t consider it actual cheating as I was just doing it for my own personal game. If I were playing against someone else, then no, I wouldn’t have cheated.

This reminds of an time probably more than a decade ago where I was playing Ragingloli on another site in chess. They beat me, but they also cheated by using a chess computer. They probably would have won anyway because I have always sucked at chess. (Rags, do you remember that?)

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Someone on Fluther posted a way to see the words scheduled for that month. They were correct.
I don’t know why people cheat at anything. I find it annoying to see people cheating at Poker.

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Same reasons people cheat at anything. To feel smarter than other people.

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Same reason they cheat at other games like crossword puzzles, scrabble, etc

Same reason they post how wonderful their life is on social media.

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I never cheat in games where I don’t play against anyone. I admit to sometimes cheating in scrabble if I have a ton of rows of letters that are impossible to make a decent word out of. I have played games where I didn’t have a single vowel for several turns or all vowels and no constant. But it’s rare. I don’t do it with people I know or players struggling to make words. Only with very new players who can seem to keep making 100-dollar words. It’s one thing to stubble upon a word every so often but when you use lots of words that are usually only known to people in the industry, then I find that fishy. Especially when the combo of letters are unusual. How people play also tells me if they are pros or novices to scrabble. If they play like a novice but put out huge words than they are likely cheating. If they play like a pro and put out big words then they probably have played long enough to know lots of useless words with valuable points.

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I only cheat for fun.
Once Rick and I were camping and playing Battleship. I offset my ships in a deplorable manner that Rick could never hit. I took a picture of my set up and sent it to my daughter, giggling.
Well damn if she didn’t send it straight to Rick! Cheater! (The look on Rick’s face when he got it! LOLL!!)

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I gave your question some more thought. As with anything in life we wonder why people do certain behaviors that we believe to be valueless. Why cheat? Why do something you know doesn’t really offer a reward? You know you didn’t win fair and square. So I think its because of dopamine in our brain. Is it rewarding to the cheater to feel they got away with something? For instance. The person who cheats on their diet or on their partner. To them it was thrilling and exciting to get away with something. We all heard about the dopamine rush from working out. Well, dopamine makes us feel happy. So in short, it’s like Dutchess pointed out. It’s fun. It makes her happy. It also depends I guess on how seriously does one take games anyway. Its in the name, game. Games are for fun. Some people have fun in seriously challenging thier abilities and some don’t care about challenges. They just do it for fun. And if you cheat and can make someone eat crow, it’s even more enjoyable. Especially if the person you are making eat crow takes it in stride and laughs it off.

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I honestly don’t understand people who might cheat at wordle. I play every night and my sister and I message each other our results. But to me it defeats the purpose if you cheat. I also do the New York Times crossword puzzle every night on my app, and I refuse to look up answers. If I get that gold star at the finish, I know I’ve solved the puzzle completely right. The only thing I’m allowed to look up is if there is a word in the clue that I don’t know the meaning of, which doesn’t happen very often. But I figure that’s not telling me the answer and how can I even come up with the answer if I don’t know what the word means. By the way, if you’ve not tried it yet, check out Connections.

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