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Is Disney responsible for painful wedgies?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33146points) October 1st, 2023
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dumb lawsuit

Women rides a fast waterslide in 2019 at Disney World. Water gets inside here, causes some sort of injury.

Is this Disney’s fault?

And why wait four years to file a lawsuit?

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I love Typhoon Lagoon. I haven’t been there in years, I don’t remember a slide there with such a big drop. Maybe it was built since the last time I was there. At Disney Blizzard Beach I went on one like that and hated it. I swore that type of slid off forever. My husband tore his swim suit on it.

If she was badly hurt maybe she should get her medical paid for and probably some sort of small settlement. That’s what the insurance is for, although I assume Disney is self insured.

I wonder what type of swimsuit she had on.

Disney defense should check to see if there was a chance she already was injured before getting on the slide then.

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They will settle for some amount of money.

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Her bowel protruded through her abdominal wall in a hernia from the ride? Come on. Really?

Then again, she’s only seeking 50k in damages. Maybe their attorneys will scrutinize her medical records and testimony and hopefully if there’s a lie in her story, they’ll uncover it. It sounds very dramatic, what she is claiming happened from the ride.

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She was hospitalized immediately with vaginal bleeding, vaginal lacerations and hernia. I don’t see how she’s lying…

The moment she stood up from the ride (or whatever it was), she had blood pouring from between her legs. Not quite the “wedgie” that the article title claims.

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