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Are there "two kinds of people in the world"?

Asked by cyndyh (7648points) September 24th, 2008
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If so, what are they? Gas or Charcoal? Red or Green? Those who hate Neil Diamond and those who don’t know who he is? What “two kinds of people” are there in your opinion? Virtual candy will be awarded for fun answers.

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This is not my own theory, I heard it somewhere along the lines, but I’m not sure where.

There are actually four kinds of people in this world:

1. Those who like you for the wrong reasons.
2. Those who like you for the right reasons.
3. Those who dislike you for the wrong reasons.
4. Those who dislike you for the right reasons.

The only ones you ever need to concern yourself with are those in the fourth category.

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Heh, virtual candy for you. :^>

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Yes, normal and not-so-much.

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bwahahahahahaahahahaha! Those that hate Neil Diamond and those that don’t know who he is! Cyndyh! Now is the time when I must admit my parents dragged us to his concerts every single time he was in town!

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Yeah, for me there are 2 kinds of people in fact…
1. The Masters of the Universe
2. The servants
o.k. 4 kinds of
3. Those who love Homer Simpson (yahoo!)
4. Those who hate Homer Simpson (Normally, because they are a lot like Homer Simpson)

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Well, according to Myers-Briggs, there are 16 kinds of people. (INTJ, ESFJ, etc.) Personally, I think it’s divided by condiments and sandwich spreads. Crunchy or smooth peanut butter, Miracle Whip or mayonnaise, brown or yellow mustard. Those are things that can divide a household.

According to my MIL, Neil Diamond music was the only thing that would soothe my colicky brother-in-law. He would conk right out after two songs.

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Those who like Vegemite, and those who don’t… :)

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Your theory is very accurate!

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I must go with superM as well

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Yes there are two types of people in the world. Those on a diet and those who don’t mind having an ice cream cone, steak, burgers and fries now and then. The first group wants to live forever and always look good. The second likes to tell jokes and hang out at the Dairy Queen. The first cleans their house twice every hour. The second is barely home when there is a good movie playing or a barbecue to go to.

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Virtual candy all ‘round. You guys rule. :^> I don’t actually hate Neil Diamond. I like many of his songs. I just don’t like his voice.

@tedibear39: I think I have all those things in my fridge right now. We also have several sauces and salsas in there. It’s a condiment haven in there. In the bathroom, we each have our own toothpaste. It makes for a happy household.

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I know this is supposed to be a fun question, but there is a serious and interesting issue underneath it, and I only mention it, because it’s my particular obsession.

Viz: how do humans categorize? Clearly the simplest categorization scheme is binary. Us/Not Us (on whatever variable we are measuring ourselves).

The impulse to use the us/not-us categorization scheme is very basic, I think. It’s the simplest scheme. It does not require any sophisticated discrimination.

We could, of course, place people on a spectrum—how much do you like Neil Diamond? How strict is your diet? And the Myers-Briggs is also a vast simplification, even with sixteen categories.

However, it is said (but I don’t know by whom) that humans can generally keep, at most, seven categories of things in mind at any one time. Some of course, can do nine, and others can only think binarily.

I think that’s why we make fun of binary categories: it’s clearly so simplistic. Hmmm. Should we figure out how strong a Neil Diamond fan a person is by counting concerts they’ve been to, and recordings they own? Now that’s my idea of fun!

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yes , there is two kinds of people
for i think there is posetive people and negative people
like when u coment on a cop and there is water in it some people say its half full,and some people say that it is half empety.

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@daloon: When I was typing in the “topics” I came very close to writing “over-simplified categorization”, but I thought I might sound serious if I did that. :^>

It’s your idea of fun to lay out spectra for categorizations in general or you want to specifically count Neil Diamond “fan points”? Either way or anywhere in between, have at it! I’d like this to be fun for all.

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I’ve always understood that there were only two kinds of people, Mickey Mouse people and Donald Duck people. I’m the latter.

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There are two types of people….fun people…and…not so fun people.

@mohmmed huh????? Oh, and run, run as fast as you can…if you don’t know what I mean, run anyways, because they are coming for you ! Looking around for gailcalled :)

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I’ve always understood that there were only two kinds of people,
people who wear pants and people who don’t wear pants. I’m the latter.

Sorry, AstroChuck. Couldn’t help myself.

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Actually, there are (supposedly) three kinds of people in this world:

Those who can count.

Those who can’t.

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People who are chained to technology and people who know how to cut the leash.

(I’m in the first group, no apologies.)

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@cyndyh: in general

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Two kinds…

1) Me
2) Everyone else

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Let me count the kinds… Can’t. Too many. And they change all the time too. So will have to deal with people on a case-by-case basis. Sorry.

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Masturbators and liars.

(that’s from my Catholic school days)

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I think Steve Martin said it best,

“Some people have a way with words, other people…..uhhhh…..ohhhh…..not have way.”

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Workers and Moochers

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There are 10 kind of people, those who understand binary, those who don’t.

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@ mulot – nice one!

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Yes, me and them!

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I have a great exercise I used just the other day. I throw a few handfulls of pebbles on the table, and ask the students (in teams no larger than 6) to sort them. Listening to them discussing their choices is fascinating. Worth the price of admission alone. It is so cool to shed light on our categorization algorithms, and to wonder if we are somehow programmed with them, of if we learn them.

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The people that think “we” and the people that think “I”

I’m a giver. It’s we for me!

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The planners and the doers. I’m a doer. I do.

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those that lie to everyone and those that lie to themselves

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Logical thinkers and Creative thinkers
– and then there’s those that don’t think at all…

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dog people and cat people.

jca (36059points)“Great Answer” (4points)
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@ wildflower wait, that’s three ;)

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@jca what if your both? Cute answer by the way:)

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people who have seen all the movies and people who never get to watch one.

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@sarapnsc: Mohmmed is a non-native speaker. We all generally make allowances for that :)

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@sarapnsc and jca, to be PC…

Animal people and non-animal people.

I have lots of animals. 3 dogs, 3cats in the mix.

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@augustlan, thank you sooooooooooo much for letting me know that! I really appreciate it. Thank you, thank you! I don’t make fun of someone’s grammar or english on Fluther anyways. But again, thank you for taking the time out to tell me that and others too!
Lurvy for you!

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@spatzielover: there may be 2 kinds of people….....but there’s always one…

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@wildflower in complete agreement. I think I know many more than one.

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@ augustine – thanks for being so polite about pointing it out to and assuming that sarapnsc didn’t know. lurve for you.

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@Bri: I wasn’t even referring to any animosity (implied or otherwise) in this thread, simply meant that you can categorize all you want, but you’ll never be able to fit everyone in

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I totally missed something here….I didn’t see where wildflower pointed it out, or I certainly would have thanked her too. I’ll do it anyways, thank you and a lurvy for you too. I don’t know where to give the lurvy, so I’ll just put it on one of your answers above.

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My bad, I typed wildflower instead of augustlne

Sorry to all.

I will shut up now.

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Well I want the lurvy back from wildflower, I just gave! lol

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it’s alright bri – I know you just like typing my name ;)

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I have a note book with “Mr. Wildflower” written in it over and over. and a heart over the “i”

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I think I have been friggin insulted!

Is that one me? Who in the hell here determines who or what fits in on Fluther.

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What a…..better not say it.

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Don’t be insulted. I have a piece of granite that has Sarapnsc is the coolest carved on it attached to a chain around my neck.

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Theres also me, and the voices….

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People’s words on Fluther who insult me, mean very little to me. They just have big old over inflated egos, so I let them think, they’ve hurt me. They seem to get off on it, so I’ll make their day! I pity these kind of people.

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Those who age and those who don’t. I find myself closer to the forever young side.

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fellas and ladies.

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Dang it, Jack. You beat me to it!

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@daloon: Me too. Any of the spectra you’d like to enlighten us about? Or any you’d like to offer for spectrum analysis? :^>

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People who are arseholes and people who aren’t.

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@tanti you can say ass here and they won’t beat you up or anything!

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@Spatzie I know, but I’m from the land of Oz, no self respecting aussie would spell it (or pronounce it) like that!!!

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@tanti can i send my son to yo & tell him you’re the wizards daughter or Ozma? He think AU is indeed “OZ”

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the ones who vote and the ones that don’t.

the ones who are opinionated and the ones that don’t.

the ones that are wild and the one that are mild.

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people who love hot weather and people who don’t.

i don’t.

jca (36059points)“Great Answer” (3points)
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the ones that think there are two kinds of people, and the ones that don’t! [smirk]

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i don’t care for hot weather

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@daloon, LOL! I was wondering when someone would offer that one. :^>

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There are those who make fun of others and are immature and

there are those who don’t make fun of others and are mature!

also…there are those who smirk to hurt others and those who smile because they don’t hurt others.

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and those who smirk or smile depending on what’s appropriate vs those who only do one or the other, but never both. [smile]

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I’ve been thinking lately, there are those who “get it” and those who don’t. What camp you fall into depends on what the “it” in question is.

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doctor: we can get nice and hot in the cold.

jca (36059points)“Great Answer” (0points)
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Wha hubba?

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creamy or chunky peanut butter? You can pretty much split all of humanity on that one- except the people who don’t appreciate peanut butter, but they go to hell anyway.

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Well, I like both. But I’ll argue about it if that’s fun for you. :^>

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Those that like candy corn & those that do not!

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True that.

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