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How does root touch up work for hair and anything special for men?

Asked by JLeslie (65507points) November 6th, 2023
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What I am specifically wondering is if the bottle can be reused or do you use it once like hair dye and have to throw it out?

It isn’t for me, it is for a man. I have never used root touch up products. His sideburns are starting to have a lot of grey, and he has about ten stray grey hairs on the top of his head. His hair is very dark brown/black, so to him the grey is very noticeable.

I would never tell him to dye his entire head, because for now his hair is still primarily his natural color, but I have no idea the best product for just dying a few stray hairs.

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Men should embrace the fact that they’re getting older and live with a few grey hairs. Better grey than bald. (Although I’m both…)

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Does this person want to hide their grey hair? That’s the first question to answer. Most guys I know don’t mind it including me.
I have no idea how to use hair dye products and stuff. I just embrace the getting old and grey thing. I have black hair so every grey strand stands out and I really don’t care.

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My hair started turning grey when I was 27 and by the time I was 45 it was completely white.

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This guy totally appreciates that he still has a nice head of hair. He does seem a little bothered that he has more grey coming in, so I thought maybe he could just address those few hairs, but I have no experience doing that. Generally, it is a pain in the neck to dye short hair or fast growing hair, and men’s hair tends to look very obviously dyed when men try to keep up with dying it. Plus, society is not accustomed to men having dyed hair like we are with women, so it needs to be done great, or it looks bad.

He has been amazingly lucky in the going grey department. He is in his 50’s and as I said not much grey at all.

I know a lot of men and women who went early grey in their 20’s, which I think probably helps men in most careers.

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In my opinion, when a man dyes his hair it’s often obvious because they usually choose a dark color and the hair color is uniformly dark, whereas “real” men’s hair color is often streaked and ombre. Guys at work and one of my neighbors, who was a newcaster, their hair looks like a solid black cap. There are men’s hair dyes which are supposed to not color the gray like a black hat but they do a gradual coloring over a period of time. I don’t know anybody who uses them or at least, not to my knowledge so I don’t have personal experience to talk about. I think if there are only ten gray hairs, it doesn’t seem worth the time to dye it.

Are you talking about your husband? Does he want to dye it or are you just exploring ideas?

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I suspect the same way it works for women.
Only their hairdresser knows for certain.

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