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What movie is this? it's sort of Christmas or perhaps holiday kind of movie.

Asked by Samantha4One (1328points) November 10th, 2023
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So I have this movie scenes in mind(could be one of those hallmark ones), I watched this a while back on some channel. It’s story is like this.

A single father of two or three kids hires a live in maid (I don’t know if she was a maid, but I remember seeing her helping in the house) to look after them and their business or horses(yes they have one horse or two, don’t remember).

The youngest kid started liking the maid (like a mom) and she also loves him like a son. His father tells him to stop and he runs away into the woods. The whole family looks after him and after that all happy happy.

Does this rings a bell! Anyone?
Would really appreciate the movie name.


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