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Any Windows geeks here that can help me with a memory integrity issue?

Asked by Caravanfan (13387points) November 16th, 2023
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I got a minor alert saying that my memory integrity is off and that my device might be vulnerable. I tried turning it on in the device security tab in Windows security but it says I have incompatable drivers. I went to Dr. Google and it sent me to sites that immediately went over my head.

Any Windows geeks on here who can tell me whether it’s something I can safely ignore (I’ve been ignoring it for who knows how long—I just noticed it today)

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Do you happen to have the exact wording of the warning? That would be helpful.

First thing I would do is unplug the machine for 30 seconds. Not just reboot; you want to power it off. That will reset chips. If this is laptop, remove the battery for 30 seconds as well.

Plug everything back in and see if the situation is resolved.

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You tried turning what on?

Run a memory test. Windows (what version?) has a built-in memory test that may require rebooting. There are also 3rd party programs you can get to test memory.

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Personally Id ignore it. It does make your system slightly more secure but there’s an associated performance hit.
If you do want to turn it on it sounds like you need to update the chipset drivers or possibly the bios. You might be able to find them via windows update or the manufacturers website.

Alternatively you could switch off virtualisation in the bios (assuming you’re not using it) which will make the warnings go away.

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@Lightlyseared Since I have no idea what you just wrote I will ignore it. I’ve heard of “drivers” and “bios” but not enough to know what to do with them.

When I get home I’ll tell you the exact error and what it says.

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What version of Windows?
What Antivirus are you running?
First make sure you have all the current updates but running Windows Update. Type “Windows Update” into your search bar

Here is some light reading material about memory integrity,

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Sounds like “shields” for memory, and that at least one driver can’t get thru the shields to operate. You’d need to be a Windows geek to figure out which one, then try to find a compatible driver. Usually it would be an old driver. Or you could run with “shields down” (as most of us have been doing) and avoid questionable websites. You use antivirus anyway.

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@Forever_Free I’m using Windows Security for antivirus.
And yes, I saw that page. That’s when my eyes glazed over, I had a seizure, and I consulted Fluther.

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IN terms of Memory access protection, the only people who use the computer are my wife and me. So I’m not worried about someone coming in and plugging something into the computers.

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Basically I just want to know if I can safely ignore it.

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@Caravanfan I would, unless it happens frequently and causes your system to reboot or do wonky things.

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@Caravanfan You should be fine. Unless you recall something that was recently installed and uninstall it, you may have trouble finding out the offending driver.

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Thanks. I checked the incompatable drivers, and it’s several Logitech drivers. Probably one of my peripherals uses logitech drivers—no way to tell which one. I’m not going to worry about it.

Thanks, all!

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In fact, I just hit “dismissed” and the alert magically went away! :-)

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Could be dementia.

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