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Should I tell my friends I would rather not go to their house ever again?

I still want to be friends and this situation is mostly out their control.

Hoarder house but it is an apartment, friends room was incredibly messy.

Mother is abusive and wasn’t nice to her boyfriend which made me uncomfy.

It was a very high strung environment.

Meeting the mom was so chaotic and I literally had 3 people telling me 3 different stories at the same time. Also, I heard how far one of the arguments between my friend and their mom went literally a few hours prior to me coming over and I wasnt happy I wasn’t told prior because I wouldn’t have come over.

Anyways. The gist of it is: my friend lives in an abusive hoarder apartment and I cried when I came home because the stuff they were telling me was sad.

But they cannot really come to my place and can’t really afford to go out.

That apartment was too much for me and I care about my friend so seeing thats how they live was sad. Nothing to do with poverty at all, everything to do with knowing its all a result of a bad home life.

But I do not know if it is too much to share to them, if I should keep suggesting other places to hang out?


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