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Why might my cable TV not work but the phone and internet work fine?

Something happened the other day and all of a sudden, the TV doesn’t work but the internet and landline phone work fine.

When I turn the TV on, on the screen it says “check the antenna cable connection and then “run auto program.”

The router has power. I’ve turned the power on and off a few times to the router and cable box. The TV has power.

I can call Comcast/Xfinity but I tried calling the other day, and it’s such a pain going through the whole automated system, and then the automated system tells you that you must be willing to accept a system refresh before they will allow you to speak to a person. I let it do the system refresh and the automated system said someone would call me back, and they never did, and I was out anyway so even if they did, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything. I can and will call them again but I dread it, because with the automated system, every time I call it’s at least a half hour, which is why I am seeing if Fluther might know the answer.

I have pushed in all cables and cords and everything appears to be plugged in ok.

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