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Can I put my crock pot, with food, In my fridge?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24451points) December 14th, 2023
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I’m thinking of making some stew for Christmas, and was wondering if I can store the stew in the ceramic part of the crock pot, in the fridge?

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YES you can!!! I prefer to put a regular serving in a storage bowl & freeze it for later. That way I don’t need to rush to eat all that soup until it runs out & I’m NOT sick of it before it’s gone. I start in the Fall making different soups & freezing individual servings to eat over the coming cold Winter days. It’s kind of a pain while making & dividing. Still come the snow & freezing temps, it sure is nice to pull out a container, toss it in the microwave, & a few minutes later I have a nice, warm, full tummy!!! :-)

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Yes. Remember that you only reheat the portion you are going to eat. It’s not safe to reheat the entire pot, eat a portion, and then return the pot to the fridge. So you take the pot out of the fridge, put some in a bowl, heat the bowl in the microwave, and return the unused portion in the still cold pot back to the fridge. I hope it’s delicious stew.

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Update My ingredients arrived. I will play it by ear, and make a practice beef stew now. Will Update after It is cooked.

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I just got back from store with beef shanks and veggies, I do mine in the oven in a dutch oven.

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Yes, but let it cool before you put it in the frig.

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Just remember that the lid that goes on top of the ceramic part is not airtight, so you may want to cover it with foil or something. I’m actually thinking of making some of my New England clam chowder this weekend in my crock pot. We’re supposed to have heavy rain and wind again on Sunday night into Monday so it would be perfect!

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Cool just a little, the crock pot should be put in within an hour of turning off the heat. Take the ceramic insert and let that cool on a hot pad or trivet on the counter.

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Beef stew was delicious and perfect.
Ate half of the meat and veggies.
I am full, and happy.

Side ribs, mini potatoes, carrots, celery, and better than bouillon beef stock.

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Is happily in my fridge. Is covered with two long stripps of foil.

Thanks all.

Will make without the side ribs next time ($34/1.16 Kilograms)
Just 2 cans of sliced carrots, two handfuls of mini potatoes, and a whole bunch of celery. Also with better than bouillon beef stock.

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Yes. it’s how most do it. I did this just tonight.

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