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What is the first name of the author with the last name Silverado?

Asked by Nevada83 (907points) December 18th, 2023
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I remember several years ago seeing someone read a book with an author that had the last name Silverado. I can’t remember their first name. Please help!

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Are your facts correct? Silverado is a place in California and the title of a novel. Are you sure you are remembering that is the last name of the author? it might be a pen name for an author but a Google search didn’t show it up.

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And a movie, with Scott Glenn.

And it was a failed bank in Colorado in the 1980s connected with the Bush family.

But I have never seen it as an author’s name.

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Are you thinking of Adam Silvera maybe???

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Shel Silverstein , perhaps?

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(It’s very helpful when the OP comes back and responds on their own Qs.)

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Shel Silverstein was a poet – mostly for kids, but wrote a couple of bawdy collections for adults as well. I read his kids books to my kids (and grandkids) when they were younger.

Silverstein was not a literature (i.e. fiction) author.

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