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What is it like to be a fire lookout in a ranger tower?

Asked by KRD (5259points) December 18th, 2023
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How long do you stay up there and what is it like?

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Not sure how it is to be a lookout, but I have hiked fire roads and climbed several old fire towers. Always a great view!

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One usually stays for the fire season. Sometimes alone, sometimes in pairs. A great view with an important job. Not many human visitors, and many like it that way. Storms can be exciting!

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What ever your in that time would require, I can see in for two weeks and out for like four days type thing, you would probably have to check in with dispatch once a day saying you’re ok and no fires spotted at that time.

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Kind of like this but less dramatic.

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I’ve NEVER had that job so I don’t know firsthand. This might give you an idea. Anybody talking about having the job seem to love it.

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They are no longer used. Fires are tracked and monitored by satellite now.

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When I lived out west, I had a friend who staffed a fire tower in Colorado high country for a summer. He said it was beautiful, but boring. He was a writer, so he did have time for his work, but after that summer, he said he never wanted to be that lonely again.

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I’ve been up in a couple. Both were very old, and were not supposed to be climbed. Both were extremely dangerous.
I don’t think I’d like being in one for very long. Although, if it were more stable I’d be ok with it.

I don’t know of any “active” ones, in my area. Maybe on the west coast?...

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