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Can we all just take a moment on this Christmas Eve to acknowledge the genius of Mr Bean?

Asked by LifeQuestioner (3604points) December 24th, 2023
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Hope this works as I’ve never posted a link before. And Merry Christmas everyone!

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Brilliant. He’s a comedic genius. One of my favorites.

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@gorillapaws I love that one!

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My coworker has been showing this to every class she is in charge of. I get to see the thing in full too. I have to say he managed to entertain both kids and adults alike.

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That is so cute! Thanks for sharing!

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@LifeQuestioner Merry Christmas to you!

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@janbb Merry Christmas to you too! And to everyone else!

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I love Mr. Bean. Admittedly, I laughed harder at him when I was younger, but he can still make me laugh.

Stuff people try to do for tictock, was mastered by Bean long ago.

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