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Will one be able to melt gold in the new oven displayed at CES 2024?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24540points) January 12th, 2024
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Sorry that I don’t have a link.

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Why would you want to melt the gold?

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@elbanditoroso To have fun watching it melt. Also to make different alloys.

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@elbanditoroso Doesn’t have to be gold. Just wondering if future domestic ovens will get hotter and hotter maximum temperatures? Maybe even hot enough to melt ceramics, and beyond?

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Gold’s meting point is 1,968 F. Self cleaning ovens get up to about 800 F. Certain pizza ovens get up to 600F.

One problem one has in getting an oven that reaches those temps is that you have to have a special place to put it. You can’t put it in a house or even many commercial buildings because it would start a fire.

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@zenvelo What about past home ovens? Did the maximum temperature increase over time?

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I wasn’t familiar with the CES 2024 oven so I set out to learn something new.In what I was reading, they were calling it a “macrowave”. I don’t think that it heats up like a regular oven & I’m NOT sure that it heats at all. It’s a new-fangled form of cooking. NOTHING I read indicated that you could melt gold in it. However, when I did a search for “melting gold in a macrowave, it did say that you have the capability of melting gold in a microwave if you do it properly.I didn’t follow the links to find out how as I have NO desire to ruin my microwave nor set my home on fire in the process!!! The macrowave is going to cost $1500–2000 when it hits the market.

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Looks like it’s a combo: microwave, oven, air fryer, convection oven, boiler with computer control (like InstaPot). It has a high, early-adopter price.

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