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Has an electric SCUBA gear been invented yet?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24442points) 3 months ago
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One that separates the oxygen from water with electricity?

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You can’t breathe pure oxygen any deeper that 6 meters (less than 20 feet). Air is 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen (with other gases making up 1%). Splitting water makes 100% oxygen and you have to remove the hydrogen because of. explosion hazard.

“Breathing air containing 21% oxygen risks acute oxygen toxicity at depths greater than 66 m; breathing 100% oxygen there is a risk of convulsion at only 6 m.”.

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At significant depths, you breathe inert gasses like helium that are mixed with oxygen.

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If it did exist, it would probably only make sense in underwater labs and submarines. Tank and rebreather systems already make it possible to stay underwater about as long as you can stand. Until we have portable fusion units I can’t imagine carrying the batteries and oxygen producer would be any easier than carrying tanks.

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The weight of the batteries required to produce a useable amount of oxygen would probably make it unusable.
Also you need pretty pure water (for example RO water) or the impurities muck up the electrolysis system so you need your own supply of water. Finally you need to pressurise the oxygen or at depth you won’t physically be able to inhale it so you’d need a compressor.

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Not sure why you would need electric power for a SCUBA system. It would be just one more thing that could break. SCUBA systems work solely on tank pressure. Pressure in the tank is higher than what the person is breathing. Regulator is a passive mechanical system that knocks down the pressure in the tank to something the person can use.

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The most fun warning I’ve ever read was in the manual for a scuba rebreather I had for cave diving which scrubbed CO2 and then sent exhaled air back to the inhale circuit to increase the amount of time you could dive. It read “this device can kill you at any time without warning even when functioning as intended”

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