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Where do you put my 8,000 files on my kindle?

Asked by luigirovatti (2836points) 2 months ago
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For the record, I’m a data hoarder. I also downloaded books illegally. I have one backup in my hard disk, but I’d like to have a second backup, stored in a cloud. I have an Amazon account with the kindle already registered. Do you suggest I put these files in there? I don’t care about the size or the time required, I’m just looking for help.

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If you are putting them some place just for safe storage (not for day-by-day use), them do this:

1. Make a zip file with all 9000 titles.
2. Make sure it is encrypted with a password. (Use 7-zip or similar)
3. Upload it to some free storage site (Google Drive for example, but there are many others that are free or low cost).
4. Leave it alone.
5. Update the ZIP file as needed.

Don’t save it to Kindle. Too many potential legal issues, like copyright and such.

ZIP, encyrpt, and upload.

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I wouldn’t put them on “the cloud” – I’d put them on one or more external flash drives.

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I agree with @Zaku on this one. If you read the fine print for most of the cloud services, you’re giving them permission to use your files anyway they feel the need. I keep my Kindle files on a flash drive. It allows the Kindle to breathe because the memory is not full of unnecessary files yet I have them with me for when needed!!! You can keep pics as well as music on the drive which gives a lot of flexibility.

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I would put them in the cloud and on a couple of drives as well as on the Kindle. Multiple copies, on-site (in your hands) and off-site(elsewhere) is standard practice.

My hard-to-replace files (including ebooks) are on Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, my Kindle, my laptop, and my desktop. Also I have a couple of older laptops that I fire up a few times a year, whence they sync with Drive and OneDrive.

If my apartment burns down with all my machines, everything is easily available anywhere I have an internet connection. If the internet were to disappear, I have multiple copies at home.

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You probably want calibre.

Share and backup your library easily

calibre comes with a handy web server to host your library. In just a few moments you can safely share all (or just some) of your e-books with anyone you choose or access them yourself from anywhere, using any device you like. With the server, you can read the books in your calibre library on any phone/tablet using just a browser. It even works offline.

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