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Is it my iPad or did Apple switch things up?

Asked by snowberry (27645points) 2 months ago
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I have an iPad 9th generation. Whenever a new software update for my iPad is available, I always wait a few days, and I double check before I update. This update history used to be in settings on the update page.

Now it’s gone. This time it wouldn’t show previous updates, or the latest one. I had to check online to find the dates. I found no mention of this change online. Is it my iPad or did Apple switch things up?

Wikipedia’s list resembles the list that used to be in General under Settings.

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Those of you who have iPads, please check yours to see if you still have the update history in Settings. Knowing this might help. Thanks!

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Just checked. Mine just said an update is available and do I want to update it now? It doesn’t give a history of updates; it just talks about the current one. I have automatic updates checked although it doesn’t seem to do them automatically.

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Apparently they switched things up then. I wonder why we aren’t allowed to see our update history? And why is there no mention online of this significant change?

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I have to say I never noticed an update list before. My iPad is quite new.

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Apple makes many decisions for very selfish reasons. One of their design objectives seems to be to hold as much control (and information) to themselves, as they can get away with without causing worse consequences to themselves.

Hiding important information from users also seems to be one of their guiding design principles.

Making older products work worse than the currently-for-sale ones, also seems to be one of their design practices.

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That’s good to know @Zaku Thanks!

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Apple hasn’t made that change to my iPhone yet. Here’s what I find when I click on the software update link. At the bottom of the page that shows up is this: And that’s what I’m used to seeing on my iPad.

Scroll to the bottom and you see all the update history.

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Thanks @snowberry, I just updated my Mac with 14.3.1 !

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