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Are sports and games the human equivalent to animal rutting?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24450points) 2 months ago
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A throwback to when the best male getts to spread his DNA?

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Possibly, but not all sports and games.

I can buy into the idea with football, rugby, ice hockey, maybe even lacrosse.

It doesn’t fit for baseball, cricket, scrabble, or chess.

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Physical sports are ritualized war. It’s a safe way to be violent. They can also be viewed as a safe way to vie for dominance in mating, as you pointed out.


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Absolutely. Then the sexy cheerleader gets to pick the one she wants.

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@elbanditoroso…baseball fits.

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Women play sports too, don’t you know?

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@janbb ok. Thanks.

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But for different reasons Janbb.

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^^ Yes, that was my point.

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