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How can I run Ubisoft games with the old UPlay instead of Connect?

Asked by NovDel (616points) 2 months ago
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I’ve tried every solution I’ve found online, to no avail. I can install UPlay but I can’t run it without going online, and as soon as I do it updates to Connect. There was a suggestion to alter the version.txt file to a different value to prevent updates, but that file is locked up tight security-wise and can’t be altered even by changing the security settings. Any suggestions gratefully received. Thanks for reading.

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I think you’re asking:

Can I play older games but not have their DRM (digital rights management) system kick in and tell you that the game is not licensed…

Do I have that correct?

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If you don’t mind playing off-line, you can disconnect your Internet while you play. I’d think that would tend to work, unless UPlay requires an Internet connection, or you want to play an online game with others.

You could also theoretically set up your routing tables so that the Ubisoft servers are unreachable.

You should also be able to edit any file if you have/set the permissions.

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@elbanditoroso No, I’m trying to play AC Origins with the animus hack available. They removed it when they switched from UPlay to Connect.

@Zaku That was one of the ‘solutions’ I found, but it can’t work. I installed UPlay with the internet disconnected, but you have to log in at least once before you can go offline. As soon as you log in it updates to Connect. I’ve tried changing the security permissions, but nothing works.

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Well, I managed to edit the version.txt file, and UPlay no longer attempts to update to Connect. But, it now tells me that my version is too old to connect to the servers. I hereby give up.

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So you can’t even play offline, even with edited txt file?

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@Zaku No, it won’t let you play offline unless you’ve logged in at least once. The ‘version too old’ message doesn’t offer an ‘offline’ option.

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Sound like cripple-ware then. :-(

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@Zaku Eureka! Solved it. If anybody’s interested, you hover your mouse pointer over a saved game and press ‘Q’ to create an ‘animus hacked’ duplicate of the save. You need an empty save slot for this. Load the new hacked game then minimise it, so that the game is running in the background. Find and open (in NotePad, if it’s not already assigned) acp.ini in the Documents folder, and change values as necessary. Then save the acp.ini file into the Documents/Assassin’s Creed Origins folder. You won’t see another acp.ini file, but the system will tell you that one already exists. Overwrite it, and go back into your game. Job done.

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@NovDel PS No need for UPlay.

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