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Will truckers not deliver to Florida, Washington DC, and Georgia if Trump loses court cases in those three jurisdictions?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33140points) 1 month ago
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I’m wondering just how deep the lunacy of the MAGA people goes. Keep in mind that they’re (supposedly) arguing against judicial decisions – not laws made by politicians.

So if Trump loses the documents decision in Florida, does this mean they’ll not drive to Florida?

And if he loses on the 91 counts in Georgia, will truckers no longer drive to Georgia? That sort of rules out the important states in the South.

And what about the Supreme Court in DC and their immunity decision. Will truckers skip that area?

I said it earlier: a strategically poor decision for MAGA. They sure won’t be getting Trump any votes by doing this.

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I thought you said the truckers weren’t boycotting. Just making stuff up?

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Wulfie, you’re the one saying truckers are going to start boycotting NYC, all this question asks if they boycott NYC because Trump lost in court will they boycott those areas too if he loses there as well ?
Can you answer the question without spin,spin,deflect,deflect.

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Oh yeah, they’ll bring NYC to its knees (sarcasm).

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Yeah, and wulfie is never guilty of fear mongering either.

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It’s hilarious. Meanwhile, when you’re in NYC, the trucks you’re going to see are not 18 wheelers, they’re panel trucks, delivery trucks. Big trucks are too big for the narrow, extremely busy NYC streets. Even the avenues, the famous avenues, 5th Ave, Madison Ave, etc., are not fast enough to handle 18 wheelers because with the traffic, the cab will get through a light and the rest of the truck will be in the middle of an intersection.

The panel trucks (delivery trucks) are driven by locals – Chinese, Hispanics, Middle Easterners. I’m in NYC at least six times a year, and I can assure you, you’ll not see an 18 wheeler there because they can’t get through the lights (aka “block the box”) with all the traffic and pedestrians. I can assure you the Chinese, Hispanics, Middle Easterners are not taking any stand in support of Trump. They’re trying to pay their rent, their mortgage, send their kids to college, pay their bills. They’re not losing any income to prove a point on behalf of Trump.

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I have no idea what this Q is talking about. Are truckers all Trump supporters and ready to boycott states? Where did this story start? I am not worried about this at all. I guess if I could not get my thyroid medication that would be a really big deal, but aside from that, my state can probably support itself with food if we have to, so whatever.

Truckers need to work. a strike is going to be very rough on most truckers, so I really doubt they are going to refuse to work for Trump. Their loyalty likely will not go that far. Not for long anyway.

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@JLeslie On this thread, it’s mentioned about NYC. @seawulf575 says NYC may be brought to its knees and Letitia James will be begging for the appeal to be over. Sounds like a lot of hype to me.

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^^Thanks. I don’t see any significant problem to worry about. I bet a lot of truckers aren’t even Trumpers to begin with.

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There have been a couple of incidents when a few truckers tried to start a movement, but the union leaders are not on their side, so it doesn’t go anywhere.

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More grandiose bloviating.

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Putting your money where your mouth is doesn’t last long for these people.

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Who knows? But there was some lady ranting and raving on Twitter the other night that she owns her own trucking business and they are not going to be driving to New York anymore. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

My take on most of these threats is that these people are angry, not justifiably so, but they are really angry. Some of them are realizing that they were really wrong about Trump, and it’s never easy to admit you were wrong. Some are just determined to go down in a blaze of glory. But the same people complaining that the cost of gas and groceries are too high, and that it must be Biden’s fault, are the same people who are threatening to cut down on their business or jeopardize their jobs.

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Well, it’s Tuesday evening now so for two days, there’s been no talk on the news or in the papers about trucks not delivering to NYC. No protests, no truckers refusing, no recipients talking about how they’re not getting their shipments.

I watch the NYC news on TV, and there’s been crickets. I’m watiing for NYC to be brought to its knees.

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@jca2 the loudmouths crapped out when it became clear that people were laughing at them far more than taking them seriously.

But for some of the rabble rousers, it was their 2 minutes on Fox News that made it all worthwhile.

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WHAT!!??? You mean there has no mass trucker boycott of NYC I am shocked.
The Don Father has to be so mad you could see his spray tan melt.

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@SQUEEKY2 there was an article in Daily Kos today that described how Donald spent most of yesterday seething and ranting about his financial situation.

They called it “meltdown mode”.


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Trucker Chicago Ray is now saying that he still supports 45 100%, yet everybody should think for themselves & he’s removed the vid from X.

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He chickened out.

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@LadyMarissa I clicked on the FB link for the Truckers for Trump group yesterday and it was taken down.

@elbanditoroso It’s occurring to him that the law appleis to him, as well as everyone else. He’s truly shocked that he’ll have to pay up.

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