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Stolen goods? Please help if you're in or close to law enforcement.

Asked by Jeruba (55823points) 1 month ago
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What do I do if I believe stolen goods were left on my property? I would like to turn them over to somebody without identifying myself. How can I do that?

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Do not disturb the stolen property. Alert law enforcement. They may want to investigate the evidence, as found.

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It might be difficult to stay anonymous in this situation if you mean stay anonymous to the police. Even if someone else calls for you or if you call using *67 the police will probably want to talk to you to find out if you saw anything. Usually, when you call the police they press you for your name and other contact info. Plus, I assume the police can figure out the number calling if they need to for an investigation even if you use *67, but I’m not sure.

If you are afraid the criminals will find out you called, I don’t know the laws around confidentiality for that. I would hope the police can’t release that info unless you say it is ok.

I think I would call the police, but that’s not advice, it’s just what I would do.

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Every police department has an anonymous tip line.

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^^Interesting. That’s good to know.

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Are you worried the police will think you stole it? Because I would say just call and be honest.

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Just call the police. They’ll take your report. You won’t be a suspect.

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What did they leave?

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I believe it may not be in the OPs best interest to be too specific. Depending on what we’re talking about. Maybe she should continue to be vague.
Just thinking out loud.

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Conceivably she might know who left the stolen items.

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So what are you or what did you do about it? Please update us.

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The goods were gone the next morning. I did not see them leave. That may be the end of it (I hope). Thanks, everyone, for offering your thoughts.

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