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Is the Garbage man Dilberts future self?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24548points) 3 months ago
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In Dilberts season 1, & 2.

It answers some weird questions.

For example when Dilbert is stuck behind the garbage man in Dilberts driveway, and he declares that he is “in his own way”. That would make sense if Dilbert was actually the garbage man from the future, and he was literally in “his own way?”

Is my conspiracy theory. After all the GruntMaster 9000 was a time machine.

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As I said on a different question:
Since he has lost syndicating his strip, I wonder if Scott Adams is a garbage man now?

It’s not like all that isdn engineering knowledge is valuable now…

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@filmfann Sorry. I should have asked years ago.

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@filmfann – if you look into him a bit, you’ll learn that he’s always been a garbage man,

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