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Could I get some suggestions for a very simple CD player?

Asked by anniereborn (15511points) 4 weeks ago
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I am looking for suggestions for my boyfriend’s mother who has early stage dementia. She is wanting a CD player. Just one of those small ones. But she has a hard time figuring out how to make it work.
If there could be one with maybe just a play button and a stop button, that would be perfect. She would only need to put one cd in at a time and wouldn’t care about skipping around.
She definitely wants a CD player and not something for MP3. She is adamant about that.

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My portable cd players all break after a few months. A portable DVD/CD player was simple to use, but it broke after a few months.

Ipods are simple to use. I’ve never owned one. Very few buttons.

A CD player on my computer was simple to use and works 15 years later.

A PS2 player is also simple to use and is durable.


Have you considered calling your local dementia society for advice?

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I found this CD player. I can’t say it only has 2 buttons, but this looks simple.

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@Hawaii_Jake That is pretty scaled down. Even six buttons would confuse her though.

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Here is another one on Amazon

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So we got her old one up and running and put tape over all the other buttons. Let’s hope it works for her.

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@anniereborn When my Mom got some audio equipment that we feared was too confusing for her, we used White-Out to paint arrows next to the controls.

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@filmfann, good idea. Nail polish is another good way to mark things when fine lines don’t matter; e.g., green for go and red for stop. I have a lot of things marked or coded with nail polish.

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