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Using Zoom with a tablet?

Asked by Jeruba (55821points) 3 weeks ago
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I usually dial into Zoom meetings and events on my laptop. I use the gallery option and can see all the other attendees’ faces or chosen images.

When I’m having network problems, like last night, I use my ~10½” tablet instead.

No matter what I try, though, I can’t see a gallery view, just the speaker view: whoever is speaking, one at a time.

Is there a way around this? What can I do to see a gallery view on my tablet?

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Is it an iPad or a different brand?

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It’s a Kindle Fire, latest edition.

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I think Zoom made an adjustment to make this the way it works. I noticed it last week when I was zooming for the Oscars.

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@filmfann, you mean Zoom changed its interface to prevent users from seeing the gallery view on a tablet? Why would they stifle a legitimate option for participation?

I want to see who else is present. I also want to see faces when I speak. Otherwise it feels like talking into a void.

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