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Where and when were reported ancient antennas on Mars and other planets?

Asked by luigirovatti (2863points) 1 month ago
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I may be wrong, but they said it on the radio, I live in Italy, so I just wondered…

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There are no ancient antennas on Mars and other planets, sorry.

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It might be cannals. Decades ago humans mistook the features on Mars as made from intelligent life.

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@RedDeerGuy1 There are no canals on Mars either.

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@Caravanfan I think @RedDeerGuy1 was clear about that in his answer

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@Lightlyseared If you say so.

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About five minutes after some spotty faced kid posted an article on them on Facebook from his computer desk in his bedroom.

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Are you talking about Galileo, Newton, George Washington – - for ancient !

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In all honesty, I am unaware of such things.
I do not discount that things are likely much stranger, than we know.
I have heard, that European and other nations take such things more serious (publicly) than the US.

I keep pretty up to date on new scientific research, and I have yet to see anything that is what I consider irrefutable proof.

There is the “Phobos monolith,” on Phobos (moon of Mars.)
It’s likely a natural feature, but who knows.

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@MrGrimm888 Phobos monolith is a big rock

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Would you consider 1971 ancient times? Russians put a working spacecraft with an antenna on Mars on 12/02/71:

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Are you looking for this?——> Ancient particle accelerator found on Mars

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Note the date of that article…

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“Reputed” not “reported.”

For repute, you just need people saying things. To report, is to observe, summarize and present facts. No one has observed an ancient Mars antenna, but that hasn’t stopped people from saying there could be one.

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