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Do I need a special photo flash drive to store and access photos?

Asked by Jeruba (55883points) 4 weeks ago
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I’m looking at PhotoStick by Omni and comparable products, wondering why I’d need a special one for photos taken on my phone. Any thoughts?

Thank you.

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Any high volume drive will do it.

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Yes, but get a name brand. (SanDisk, Canon, etc.) There are some real crappy off brands that don’t last.

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Thanks, you two.

What would be the term to Google? I was looking at one that had several connectors for different devices. Right now I can’t seem to get photos off my phone and onto my computer or tablet.

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The unique selling point of the photo stick is that it has an adapter that allows you to plug in a standard USB drive to the connector of your phone such as Apples lightning connection. If your phone has a usb type c connection which is increasingly common any type c usb drive will work.

What type of phone do you have? Or what does the charging port look like?

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Any USB Drive will do. I store on a Lacie 4TB USB only because I have tens of thousands of photos. A small stick will do the same. It’s all about having good backups.

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Your phone can be connected directly to your PC or tablet via a USB cable which is cheap and available through Amazon. Once connected, your phone’s files should appear on your PC. Your photos are most likely stored in the folder named DCIM (Digital Camera Images) and from here can be transferred directly to your PC or tablet.

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It looks like a hugely overpriced flash drive to me.

You can literally get 1TB USB flash drives for less than a 128GB Photostick Omni.

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