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Richie Sunak - Great Britain prime minister - has announced snap elections in the UK for July 4. Will his side (conservatives) survive?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33228points) 3 weeks ago
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I get a kick out of their elections being on the US independence day.

Sunak hopes to survive as PM, although his poll numbers are way down. Will this quickie election help him? Or are the conservatives going down after the Brexit fiasco?

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I think that if the conservatives do not win a majority that another election will happen after this one in July 4th.

If the budget is a confidence deciding vote that the government could collapse bringing yet another election.

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I very much doubt it. The opinion polls put him a mile behind. PS It’s Rishi Sunak.

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The red conservatives (Labour) should win by a large margin. It’ll probably not be as wide as current polling suggests as I expect Reform UK voting intention will swing to the Conservatives.

The Tories have had a very good run. They’ve been in power since 2010, and it’s just their time to bow out for a couple or more election cycles. 14 years has been far longer than they’ve deserved given their total incompetence and inability to address any actual problem they’ve had to deal with.

It’s a testament to the brilliance and effectiveness of the propaganda system in the UK that millions of ordinary working people are willing to vote for a party of elitist millionaires “educated” in elite fee-paying schools, and who believe in very little more than simply transferring ever more wealth to the already very rich (including themselves).

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Many have compared “Brexit,” to Trump being elected.
A large amount of people wanting change, for the sake of change.
Although the results were poor, that doesn’t change the lesser mind’s thinking.

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