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Can pronunciations be changed on AI?

Asked by LadyMarissa (16152points) 2 weeks ago
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I don’t trust AI, so I’ve not gotten into it very much. I can tell on YT the ones that are AI generated & the ones that aren’t. When they pronounce a word or name wrong, is there a way to correct that so it’s not so noticeable?

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Are you asking “can you – @LadyMarissa ”? Or are you asking “does AI in general have voice controls?”

The answer is that generative AI applications pretty much have the ability to change voices – gender, drawl, pronunciation, and so on and so forth.

Whether those controls are available to you – the end user – is a whole different story.

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Great Question as there is so much that people do not know of the power of AI.
AI does have advanced speech tools to clone another voice or accents. To use this aspect, you need to have seed files of the voice you will try to mimic. It then learns the nuances of the dialect.

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I think you’re rererencing text-to-speech more than AI. Text-to-speech technology has been around for a very long time.

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Since the 80s anyway @gorillapaws

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If you want to see the linguistic ability of AI then start a discussion with ChatGPT. The ability to pronounce words correctly is minor compared to ChatGPT’s ability to understand questions being asked and to reply using perfect grammar.

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@LostInParadise ”... ChatGPT’s ability to understand questions being asked ”

You’re anthropomorphizing what it’s actually doing (as I understand it). There’s no “understanding” happening. It’s just “forecasting” outputs based on your inputs just as one might extrapolate out the next 5 years of the S&P 500 based on historical performances. The math is the same as a line of best fit, just with n-dimensions where n is a “very big number” in the case of Chat GPT.

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@gorillapaws, I was just giving the outward appearance of what is goihg on. It is amazing how well ChatGPT can cover such a wide range of information and use it consistently

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@LostInParadise Fair enough. I was being somewhat pedantic because this AI stuff can be confusing to people and clarity is important for people trying to understand what’s happening. You’re absolutely right though that ChatGPT is amazing and a great tool.

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