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How do you use a QR Code that is on the phone?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24591points) 1 week ago
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I don’t have a computer.
I’ve never used a QR Code before.
I am using an Andriod S23 smartphone.

I want to subscribe to Dr. Phil Prime Time.

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Update I download the Merit app with no problem. I didn’t need to use the QR code.

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I’ve only ever used a QR Code once. I aimed my camera at the code & when I took the pic, it automatically worked.

CAUTION: NOT all QR Codes are legit so I tend to err on the side of caution & find an alternative way to get what I want…much like you did. I don’t understand how tricky phone hackers can be, so I tend to assume that everybody is out to get me money or control of my phone so I just don’t go for it immediately choosing to WAIT to see if I can find out if it’s a SCAM!!!

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@LadyMarissa – you are correct: people can generate QR codes that will point you to malicious websites. Gotta be careful.

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If someone texts me a QR code how can I use it? I only know how to scan it using my camera.

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