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So is it hops two, or hops too, or hops to?

Asked by Pandora (32309points) 3 weeks ago
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I wanted to type that someone hopped too as in the saying. So I started thinking hopped too can mean toward something and hopped two could mean the person hopped two stepped towards whatever it was, so can indicate they did it right away. Which is it?

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It’s actually “Hop To” as in “Hop To It”. It means to get something done right away.

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Hop to. Go toward.

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Your son is dillydallying over breakfast. You tell him, “If you want to make the school bus, you’d better hop to it.” Meaning get ready real quick and go.

@seawulf575 is correct. That’s an idiom and not a reference to a literal hopping to or toward something. The same “to” as in “get to it” and “snap to it.”

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I go with hop to it two. I mean too. Also.

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Hop to it you two

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